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Best-selling author David Quammen takes readers on a breathtaking journey through America's most inspiring and imperiled ecosystem, Yellowstone National Park, in this lavish expansion of National Geographic magazine's May 2016 issue. Filled with amazing images captured by eight National Geographic photographers over an extensive two-year deployment in the park, it is unlike any Yellowstone book before it.
This monumental book is an incredible journey through Yellowstone, America's first national park. Yellowstone's storied past, rich ecosystem, and dynamic landscape are brilliantly portrayed in a captivating mosaic of photographs and eloquently written text that blend history, science, and research from the field. As much a visual ode to nature as an intimate tour of one of the world's most celebrated conservation areas, this gorgeous book illuminates the park's treasures grand and small&$151;from the iconic Old Faithful to the rare gray wolf, from misty mountain tops to iridescent springs, and from sweeping valleys to flourishing wild blooms.
In four illuminating sections that combine photos, sidebars, and graphics with elegantly crafted text, this book brings readers deeper into the life of the park than ever before, both commemorating its beauty and highlighting its challenges. Written by award-winning author David Quammen and drawn from groundbreaking coverage, this book is an essential addition to the National Parks' 100th anniversary celebration and a striking reminder of why conservation is worth every effort.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages; 150 color photographs, 3 maps
  • 10" x 7"
  • &$169; 2016
Author Info

David Quammen is an award-winning American science, nature and travel writer. He authored the "Natural Acts" column for Outside magazine for 15 years. His articles have also appeared in National Geographic, Harper's, Rolling Stone,, the New York Times Book Review, and other periodicals, and he has authored fifteen books. Quammen's book Spillover was nominated for the 2013 PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award. Quammen resides in Bozeman, Montana.