Wonders of the National Parks Course on DVD

Wonders of the National Parks Course on DVD

Wonders of the National Parks Course on DVD


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In 1872, a wondrous region called Yellowstone was set aside as the world's first national park, giving adventurous travelers access to a geologist's paradise that seethes with pent-up volcanic forces. As more and more national parks were created -- not just in the United States but also in Canada and Mexico -- geologists were revolutionizing their field, piecing together a detailed understanding of how the world works. National parks have made these magnificent reminders of the awe-inspiring power of our planet accessible to everyone. Today, there is no better education in the remarkable forces that formed our world than a tour of the national parks of North America. These parks capture a special place in our hearts and draw millions of tourists each year.
From Yellowstone's bubbling, steaming landscape to the great slabs of granite along Acadia's shores, each park contributes its own chapter to the story of Earth. Most visitors get only a superficial view of these sites, guided by the informational signposts or tour books, but there is so much more to be discovered. Our national parks offer profound lessons for anyone who loves history, geology, and nature. This course provides in-depth insights, intriguing perspectives, and riveting little-known facts about these treasured places that you won't find simply by driving through them. And the next time you do drive or hike through a national park, you'll have a deeper appreciation for the forces -- geological, historical, and otherwise -- that shaped it.
Beautifully illustrated, these 36 half-hour lectures take you to more than a hundred spectacular sites guided by geologist and former college professor Ford Cochran, who is currently the Director of Programming for National Geographic Expeditions. He is a storyteller and an explorer at heart who specializes in interpreting landscapes for a variety of audiences.
No previous background in geology or science is needed to experience the thrill that these lectures offer, just a sense of curiosity as you unravel the mysteries of some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

  • 6 discs; 36 hours
  • ©2015
Title List

36 lectures/30 minutes each

  • Yellowstone: Microcosm of the National Parks
  • Yellowstone's Cataclysmic Origins and Future
  • Grand Teton and Jackson Hole
  • Hawaii Volcanoes: Earth's Largest Mountains
  • The Hawaiian Islands and Maui's Haleakala
  • Mount Saint Helens, Lassen Volcanic, Rainier
  • Crater Lake, Olympic, North Cascades
  • Volcanoes of Alaska: Katmai and Lake Clark
  • Alaska's Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords
  • Yosemite: Nature's Cathedral
  • Redwoods, Sequoias, and the Sierra Nevada
  • Pinnacles to Joshua Tree: The San Andreas
  • Denali to Gates of the Arctic
  • Death Valley and Great Basin: The Rift Zone
  • Shenandoah: The Collision of Old Continents
  • Great Smoky Mountains and Hot Springs
  • National Rivers: Gorges, Falls, and Meanders
  • Great Dune Fields of North America
  • National Seashores and Lakeshores
  • Reefs: Virgin Islands, Florida, Texas
  • National Marine Sanctuaries and Monuments
  • Acadia's Highlands and Islands
  • The Dakota Badlands
  • The Grand Canyon's 2-Billion-Year Staircase
  • Carving the Grand Canyon
  • Petrified Forest and Other Fossil Parks
  • Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches
  • Zion, Gunnison's Black Canyon, Capitol Reef
  • Mesa Verde and Ancient Settlements
  • The Colorado Rocky Mountains
  • Montana's Glacier and the Canadian Rockies
  • Big Bend on the Rio Grande and Saguaro
  • Mammoth Cave, Wind Cave, Carlsbad Caverns
  • The Everglades and the Congaree Bottomland
  • Voyageurs, Isle Royale, the Canadian Shield
  • Assembling North America, Park by Park