The Urban Gorilla DVD-R

The Urban Gorilla DVD-R

The Urban Gorilla DVD-R


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Meet a remarkable gorilla who paints while in captivity, and visit an innovative gorilla orphanage in West Africa. Traditionally, gorillas have been separated in sanitized cells for public safety and viewing. But with few successful gorilla births in captivity, zookeepers took a look at the outdated habitations -- and then took action. They discovered that gorillas are group animals, which are unlikely to socialize or breed when isolated in pairs, and responded by developing zoo environments that closely resemble gorilla habitats in the wild. Far from the savage King Kong portrayed in Hollywood movies, you will discover that gorillas are gentle, noble individuals, each with a story to tell. Spanning three continents, The Urban Gorilla will forever change the way you see these magnificent creatures.
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  • 1 disc; 45 minutes
  • Full screen
  • © 1997
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