Primal Survivor DVD-R

Primal Survivor DVD-R

Primal Survivor DVD-R



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Extreme adventurer Hazen Audel relives his most thrilling, most agonizing and most down-right disgusting moments and reveals what it takes to become a Primal Survivor. Finding water, sourcing protein, building shelter, and making fire are essential to staying alive in the wild, but in some hostile regions of the world, these survival basics can seem impossible to master.

Episodes include Cannibal Legend, Savage Jungle, Killer Cold, Into Raging Waters, Killer Climb, Deadly Waters, Thin Air, and Scorched Earth.

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  • 360 minutes
  • TV-14
  • © 2016
Title List
  • Cannibal Legend
  • Savage Jungle
  • Killer Cold
  • Into Raging Waters
  • Killer Climb
  • Deadly Waters
  • Thin Air
  • Scorched Earth