National Geographic Traveler Scotland 3rd Edition

National Geographic Traveler Scotland 3rd Edition

National Geographic Traveler Scotland 3rd Edition



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The National Geographic Traveler guidebooks are in tune with the growing trend toward experiential travel. Each book provides inspiring photography, insider tips, and expert advice for a more authentic, enriching experience of the destination. These books serve a readership of active, discerning travelers, and supply information, historical context, and cultural interpretation not available on the Internet.

A tour of Scotland in the company of the experts, enjoying the gastronomic delights of the Highlands, climbing the slopes of Ben Nevis--the highest mountain in the British Isles--discovering the islands, and driving along the North Coast 500, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. A guide to the history and culture of this fascinating country, with detailed information for strolls through the city streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow and walking routes through the highlands. There are descriptions of the traditional whisky distilleries and the many activities to be enjoyed in this magnificent country. Walking tours and outings by car, maps with descriptions of the places to visit, from the glorious Royal Mile of Edinburgh to the fishing villages of Fife. Excursions off the beaten track, like the walk along the breath-taking cliffs on the island of Skye and trekking to the peak of Ben Macdui.

ROBIN MCKELVIE was born in Scotland and has a degree in English Literature and a passion for travel that has taken him to more than 80 countries. In his 10-year career as a travel writer he has published more than 30 books, written articles and published photographs in more than 50 magazines and newspapers in five continents, and worked for television and radio. His adventures include a train journey from Edinburgh to Hong Kong, swimming with sharks in Belize, and a canoe trip amid crocodiles in Australia. He is an active member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and makes more than 30 trips a year, at least half of which are made in his favourite country: Scotland.

JENNY MCKELVIE is Scottish by adoption. She is a travel writer and photographer and has visited more than 50 countries, residing in three of them: Scotland, England, and Australia. She has worked with her husband, Robin, on more than 20 tourist guides and published travel articles in more than 20 magazines and newspapers in the United Kingdom. She also writes reports on the most popular tourist destinations and at the same time tries to be a full-time mother, in between trips. Her favourite country is, of course, the one where she was married: Scotland.

Robin McKelvie and Jenny McKelvie



320 Pages

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