National Geographic Traveler: Arizona, 6th Edition

National Geographic Traveler: Arizona, 6th Edition

National Geographic Traveler: Arizona, 6th Edition


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The National Geographic Traveler guidebooks are in tune with the growing trend toward experiential travel. Each book provides inspiring photography, insider tips, and expert advice for a more authentic, enriching experience of the destination. These books serve a readership of active, discerning travelers, and supply information, historical context, and cultural interpretation not available online.

From the Grand Canyon to its desert landscapes, the American Southwest has always held an irresistible appeal for visitors from all over the world who want to experience the fascination of its untamed nature. Its boundless territory makes it perfect for road trip adventures where visitors will discover scenery and nature that make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. So that they can make the best of their time in Arizona, the author, Bill Weir, who has written more than 16 books about the state, offers visitors itineraries that lead to the most significant destinations and reveal the must-see features hidden at every stop. With the advice of authors, photographers and National Geographic experts, the guide provides the curious visitor with an essential, competent view of the aspects of modern life, the history and the culture of the Grand Canyon State as well as walks and guided tours both on and off the beaten path.

Author(s): Weir, Bill


110 color photographs, 23 maps

272 Pages

5" x 8"