National Geographic Photography Bundle with DVD Courses 1 & 2, Lens Mug, and Unisex Tee

National Geographic Photography Bundle with DVD Courses 1 & 2, Lens Mug, and Unisex Tee

National Geographic Photography Bundle with DVD Courses 1 & 2, Lens Mug, and Unisex Tee


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The perfect gift for the photo enthusiast in your life, buy this special bundle of both Fundamentals of Photography Courses on DVD, plus the National Geographic black 13.5 ounce lens mug and the Your Shot t-shirt, and save!

Fundamentals of Photography Course on DVD
With recent developments in technology, we now take and share photographs almost instantaneously through online photo albums and social media -- making this unique form of personal expression more central to our lives than ever before. Whether you take photos as a hobby or for a living, whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, whether you're using a simple digital camera or the latest high-tech lenses, understanding how to use the power of your camera's settings; how to create or capture the right lighting and angles; how to handle difficult situations such as poor lighting or fast-moving subjects; and how to research and plan for the perfect photo shoot can lead you to start taking more dynamic photographs -- ones that truly capture everything you see and feel about a particular moment in time.

With Fundamentals of Photography, you'll learn everything you need to know about the art and craft of great photography straight from a professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Designed for people at all levels, these 24 lectures are an engaging guide to how photographs work and how to make them work better for you. National Geographic contributing photographer Joel Sartore has crafted a course that will hone your photographer's eye so you can capture the greatest moments in nearly every situation and setting imaginable, from a field of flowers to a friend's birthday party to a grand mountain range.

Fundamentals of Photography Course on DVD, Vol. 2
Take your digital photography to the next level with the guidance of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. Building on his original Fundamentals of Photography course, these twenty-four lectures show you how to develop a photographer's eye as you solve problems in the field. You'll see new techniques and concepts demonstrated in various locations indoors and out and get advice on how to practice these exercises on your home turf.

National Geographic Black 13.5 oz Lens Mug
If you're a photography enthusiast, your passion doesn't have to end with the camera lens that's on your camera body. This food grade plastic mug mimics the design of an SLR camera lens, complete with the National Geographic logo on the front, stainless steel inside, and a spill proof lid. 13.5oz / 400ml when filled up. Safe, durable, and makes a great gift. Not designed to use in oven, microwave, fridge, or dishwasher. Wash the interior of the mug before first use. 3.23" x 5"

National Geographic Your Shot Unisex Black Tee
The black unisex Your Shot t-shirt features a design of the Your Shot logo, National Geographic's thriving online photography community which provides inspiration for photographers of all skill levels. 100% ring-spun cotton.

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