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Using humor and real science in the tradition of Mary Roach, this groovy narrative from the author of National Geographic's popular Gory Details blog illuminates the gross, strange, morbid, and outright absurd realities of our bodies, our earth, and our universe.

Filled to the brim with far-out facts, this wacky, funny, and informative narrative takes us on a fascinating journey through the astonishing world of science. With Erika Engelhaupt, founding editor of National Geographic's Gory Details blog as your guide, all your weirdest and wildest fascinations will be illuminated. From the biologist who endured countless honeybee stings to test which spot was the most painful to the dollhouse-sized replicas of crime scenes built to analyze blood splatter to NASA's enduring dilemma--do women need to have their periods in space?--this entertaining book explores oft-ignored but alluring facets of biology, anatomy, space exploration, nature, and more. Featuring top-notch reporting, interviews with leading researchers, and a healthy dose of wit, Gory Details depicts the world's most intriguing real-world applications of science in all their glory--making geekiness cool all over again!

ERIKA ENGELHAUPT has spent more than a decade writing and editing for top science magazines, newspapers, and websites, including National Geographic, Science News, Scientific American, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and NPR. Her love of storytelling has also brought her to the stage, where she's appeared in comedy clubs and on podcasts like The Story Collider. Having started her career as a scientist, she also spent years writing and editing reviews of nonfiction science books at Science News. She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Erika Engelhaupt



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