Dinosaurs Experience Pack

Dinosaurs Experience Pack

Dinosaurs Experience Pack



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View-Master® Experience Pack: National Geographic: Dinosaurs, designed to work with the View-Master® Virtual Reality Viewer, takes you back in time to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. For more than 75 years, generations of kids have been introduced to the wonder of 3-D by View-Master®. Now, get ready to experience a whole new level of realism with today's View-Master® VR that Works With Google Cardboard. The View-Master® VR Viewer (sold separately) will become your portal to immersive, virtual reality adventures that will transport you around the world and beyond. Simply download the free View-Master® National Geographic: Dinosaur app to your compatible smartphone (not included). If you have the Experience Reel, scan the code located on the bottom of the reel. Then slide your smartphone into the viewer and place the Dinosaur Reel in front of you. Look through the viewer at the top of the reel for a 3-D augmented reality experience -- digital icons that seem to float above the reel. Make your selection, and click the lever to launch yourself through time and space into 360-degree views that completely surround you. Look up, look down, look around -- everywhere you turn, there is something to see because you are "virtually" standing within the environment! Interact with your surroundings by pulling up videos, images, fun facts or mini-games, all with a simple click of the lever to add to the experience. Go deeper into a scene, exploring massive dinosaurs in their natural habitats, studying their skeletons from every angle and learning new facts through videos, photos and notes from National Geographic's vast archives. Add adrenaline playing an interactive survival adventure game where you hunt for food and avoid being eaten. Completely kid-friendly, the new View-Master® provides a safe portal to stunning locations and an immersive, imaginative learning experience unlike anything you've seen before! Experience pack includes one reel (with a code at the bottom to unlock content) and a user guide. The associated app download is free. Colors and decorations may vary. Compatible smartphone required (not included): Samsung Galaxy S®6, Samsung Galaxy S®5, Samsung Galaxy S®4, Samsung Galaxy Note®4, Motorola Moto X™ (2014), Motorola Droid Turbo, LG G4™, LG G3, HTC One™, Nexus 6™, iPhone® 6s plus, iPhone® 6s, iPhone® 6 plus, iPhone® 6, iPhone® 5s, iPhone® 5c***, iPhone™ 5***, iOS 8.1 and above. NOTE: View-Master® VR may also work with newer model Android smartphones not listed above that have screens between 5 and 6 inches. ***View-Master VR apps may not be optimized for iPhone® 5 and iPhone® 5c.