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Big Bad Wood DVD

Big Bad Wood DVD



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From power lines to irate neighbors and everywhere in between, urban tree-cutters encounter things that forest loggers wouldn't dream of. Big Bad Wood follows four urban tree-trimming companies -- each one more different than the other -- as they take a hack at some of the most extreme situations in their industry. But up in the tree, there are no second chances. One wrong move could cost them thousands of dollars in property damage -- or their lives.
Episodes include: Boston Tree Party, Tree of Terror, The Lion's Den, Son of a Beech, Demon Tree, Turf War, Live Wire, Homeowner From Hell, Graveyard Shift, and The Final Takedown.
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  • 2 discs; 450 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-PG
  • © 2013
Title List

Boston Tree Party: The crew of All Season Tree Service starts its day off wrong when the bucket man shows up for work drunk and punches the owner. The cowboys of American Climbers have to avoid power lines and a locked, unmovable car on the street to remove a 70-foot box elder from a narrow yard. Specialized Rigging and Tree Care take down a towering white pine while giving a new crew member the chance to show his stuff.

Tree of Terror: It's just another day in Boston for the urban axmen as one crew deals with a stubborn tree that fights back, while another crew tries to delicately maneuver in cramped quarters. Meanwhile, the third crew has the luxury of working in a manicured neighborhood of million dollar homes, and the fourth tries to alleviate the tension from irate neighbors.

i>The Lion's Den: The crews step out of their comfort zones as they confront dangerous weather, family feuds, and warily explore the inside of a lion's den.

Son of a Beech: The boys are back in town for some very irksome tree removals as they deal with a day plagued by faulty equipment, intense arguments, near misses, and a blind-as-a-bat greenhorn that seems perpetually stuck in a tree.

Demon Tree: In a race against weather and time, four tree removal companies battle some of the biggest jobs they've ever faced, but one wrong move could bring everything -- and everyone -- crashing down.

Turf War: Tensions flare as a turf war erupts on the outskirts of Boston when one crew invades another's territory. Which team will win the job? The decision must be made quickly as there is no time to waste on a day where limbs are falling from the sky over the four fearless teams.

Live Wire: Another day, another dollar for the four rough-and-tough crews in Boston as they battle enormous trees, the elements, and each other.

Homeowner from Hell: Four Boston-area tree removal companies find themselves clashing with a leaning pine, a homeowner from hell, an unfortunately placed shed, and a tricky par five on the 15th hole.

Graveyard Shift: In a career where one foot is always in the grave, a tree-cutting crew has a literal brush with death at a Boston cemetery, while a pink balloon, a chainsaw, and a greenhorn all learn to fly.

The Final Takedown: It's graduation day for one rookie, as four Boston tree removal companies face challenges that could permanently alter their business -- and their vitality.