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Jewelry:Men's Jewelry and Watches:National Geographic Atomic Field Watch
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National Geographic Atomic Field Watch

Item #1074321
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Inspired by the U.S. Army field watches that are heirlooms for many service people, this watch receives accurate time signals from the U.S., U.K., German, and Japanese atomic clocks. A canvas band and stainless steel bezel retain the age-old look of analog craftsmanship, with a classic face featuring National Geographic's distinctive logo. Displays both 12-hour and 24-hour military time, world time in 31 cities, day of the week, digital date, and seconds. Luminescent hour, minute, and second hands.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.

In the U.S., the accuracy and speed that your watch and clock will receive signal updates depends on your proximity to the U.S. atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO. This means that the majority of personal atomic clocks and watches will synchronize only within the continental United States, and may not synchronize correctly in Hawaii or Alaska or on continents other than North America. Personal atomic clocks and watches work only in some areas of Canada and Mexico.

Another limitation of personal atomic clocks and watches is that they may not receive the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) signal within large buildings containing steel construction. Moving clocks and watches closer to windows in these types of buildings will usually resolve the synchronization problem.


  • Waterproof to 165 feet
  • 9 1/2"L; 1 1/2"-diameter mineral glass face

We recommend having a jeweler replace the battery in this watch. It is intentionally challenging to open the case in order to protect the mechanism and preserve its water resistance.


We recommend having the watch battery replaced by a jeweler, as it is intentionally difficult to remove the back. This helps protect the watch mechanism. However, as global atomic functionality is relatively new, even experienced jewelers may have a difficult time re-setting the watch. Here are the steps to follow.

  • The hour and minute must be manually set:
  • Set the hour by pressing the bottom right button until the three-letter city code blinks. Press the button quickly two more times until you see "H" on the screen with a blinking number next to it. Press the top button to scroll through the hours, keeping in mind that this is displaying 24-hour clock time. Press the bottom right button again to set hour. You'll see a "wait" icon and the second hand will spin as the watch adjusts itself.
  • Set the minutes by pressing the bottom right button until the three-letter city code blinks. Press the button quickly three more times until you see "M" on the screen with a blinking number next to it. Press the top button to scroll through the minutes. Press the bottom right button again to set the minutes. You'll see a "wait" icon and the second hand will spin as the watch adjusts itself.

For additional information or an updated instruction and troubleshooting manual, please contact our customer representatives at 1-800-437-5521 (1-801-783-2144 Outside the U.S. and Canada) or



You get what you paid for


After a few months used, the minute hand fell. I went to the jeweler for a repair, after a few weeks the minute hand fell again. Then came the time adjustment issue. This is the most frustrating watch I have ever used. It's now a relic. Made in china.

Blitzkrieg Billy

Toronto, Canada


Great Watch


I'm in the Marines and received this watch prior to attending Mountain Warfare training and doing a deployment in Norway. This watch is tough, and can handle rough environments. After 7 months of rigorous use my only complaint is that the band has begun to show wear and tear only on the clasp. Great watch, and has sustained sub zero temperatures as well as rough handling (banged it on a tree, as well as my rifle). Great piece of equipment and I strongly recommend for anyone dealing in rough terrain.




Very disappointing


I have only had this watch for a few years. I travel a lot so I am familiar with how to adjust the watch to my current time zone. I can no longer change the time zone setting and the watch is 1 hour and 8 minutes off. It will not allow me to override and set it manually. Dakota has not responded to my inquiries for help. What a waste of money. Timex would be a better value. Do not buy this watch.


Genoa, OH


Never could get the watch to get the correct time.


I could never get the watch to have the correct time, directions are not very good. There is no way to contact anyone to help with setting the watch. I will probably return the watch.


Van Nuys, CA


Too Complicated to Set


Way too difficult to program. End up tossing it in a drawer and never using. Very disappointed.




Everything I Expected


I was so pleased with my watch that I purchased three more for Christmas gifts for my two sons and son in law. They all have nice watches, but I think they will like this one.


Rome Ga.


Useful Watch


I always wear a man's watch as the dial is larger and the numbers and letters clearer than majority of women's watches. I especially like this watch with a black background. The strap I may replace eventually though I do like fabric better than letter as it is more comfortable.


Waymart, PA


Difficult to program


Found it difficult to program...instructions not clear...change of battery confusing


Colorado Springs, CO


Classy and smart!


Useful for international travel.


Findlay, OH


looks good but does not work right


I selected this watch as a gift because it looked interesting however I noticed that the minutes always appeared to lag behind actual time. Adjustment of the minutes "manually" following the instructions written in transliterated English in microscopic 2 point font was frustrating and the adjustment did not last. The performance can be described as inconsistent and erratic, the instructions for setting correct time confusing, complicated and inadequate. Rather than persist with more frustration amounting to hours of fiddling with this watch in attempt to have it keep accurate time as is the point, I asked for a refund.




National Geographic Atomic Field Watch

2.2 26