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How to Speak Cat

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We know cats are beautiful, secretive, and independent—but even the most loyal cat owners are often baffled by their own pet's behavior. With veterinarian expert Dr. Gary Weitzman as guide, this fun book helps kids understand what cats are trying to communicate by their body language and behavior. So if you've ever wondered what Fluffy means when she's purring or moving her tail emphatically from left to right, this book is for you. It’s full of insights, expert advice, and real-life cat scenarios, and showcases more than 30 poses, so you'll soon learn what each meow and flick of the tail means.


  • Ages 8-12
  • Softcover
  • 176 pages
  • 6" x 9"
  • © 2015

Author Info

Dr. Gary Weitzman is a veterinarian and president of the San Diego Humane Society, former CEO of the Washington Animal Rescue League, and host of public radio's Animal House.

Aline Alexander Newman is a longtime contributor to National Geographic Kids magazine and a former teacher. She's a life-long animal lover who has written over 50 magazine stories about animals from dogs to cheetahs to dolphins. Her previous books for National Geographic include How to Speak Dog, co-authored with Gary Weitzman; Ape Escapes! and More True Stories of Animals Behaving Badly, and one of Amazon's picks for Best Children's Books of 2013, Animal Superstars! and More True Stories of Animals with Amazing Talents.


Chocked full of I formation


It is very well done.


St charles MO


the mysterious cat translated well


I liked the separation of cat particulars so you could look up what you were curious about and didn't have to read everything. I know alot about cats from experience and reading already but I learned some new things that helped me understand. Really a nice and enjoyable book. A keeper. I think all cat owners should read, so they can understand their cat better and be more empathic with their cat.

Sandy the cat lover

Kingston, WA


Great resource to give to others


I bought three of these books to give away. I volunteer at an animal shelter, specifically with cats. Periodically I will "sponsor" a cat for adoption by building a care package which will now include one of these books. This book is a great resource for anyone who's never had a cat as well as for those who are lifetime caregivers.


St. Petersburg, FL


How to speak cat


This is a great gift for a cat lover




How to Speak Cat

5.0 4