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National Geographic Courses on DVD:Fundamentals of Photography and Masters of Photography Courses on DVD Set
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Fundamentals of Photography and Masters of Photography Courses on DVD Set

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Take your photography beyond simple snapshots with this two-volume set of Great Courses taught by National Geographic photographers.

With Fundamentals of Photography, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art and craft of great photography straight from a professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Designed for people at all levels, these 24 lectures are an engaging guide to how photographs work and how to make them work better for you. National Geographic contributing photographer Joel Sartore has crafted a course that will hone your photographer’s eye so you can capture the greatest moments in nearly every situation and setting imaginable, from a field of flowers to a friend’s birthday party to a grand mountain range. Taking you both inside the photographer’s studio and out into the field, this course is a chance to learn, in a way anyone can grasp, the basic insights and hidden secrets of photography.

Then watch and listen as National Geographic photographers share insights on their most iconic images and offer tips and techniques on how to improve your own photography, regardless of your skill level. Masters of Photography is divided into six units: Adventure, Wildlife, Landscape and Nature, People in Their Environments, Color and Light, and Storytelling. In each unit, you’ll hear from two acclaimed photographers and gain insight into the creative process behind the incredible photographs seen in National Geographic and other publications. Featured in the course are William Albert Allard, Stephen Alvarez, Ira Block, Jodi Cobb, Annie Griffiths, Ed Kashi, Michael Melford, Cory Richards, Jim Richardson, Joel Sartore, Steve Winter, and Michael Yamashita. The course also includes an introduction from Chris Johns, Chief Content Officer for the National Geographic Society.


  • Each title is 4 discs; 12 hours, 36 minutes. Each volume contains two dozen 30-minute lectures.
  • Fundamentals of Photography Volume 1 © 2012. Masters of Photography © 2014

Title List

Fundamentals of Photography, Volume 1. 24 lectures, 30 minutes each

  • Making Great Pictures
  • Camera Equipment—What You Need
  • Lenses and Focal Length
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Aperture and Depth of Field
  • Light I—Found or Ambient Light
  • Light II—Color and Intensity
  • Light III—Introduced Light
  • Composition I—Seeing Well
  • Composition II—Background and Perspective
  • Composition III—Framing and Layering
  • Let’s Go to Work—Landscapes
  • Let’s Go to Work—Wildlife
  • Let’s Go to Work—People and Relationships
  • Let’s Go to Work—From Mundane to Extraordinary
  • Let’s Go to Work—Special Occasions
  • Let’s Go to Work—Family Vacations
  • Advanced Topics—Research and Preparation
  • Advanced Topics—Macro Photography
  • Advanced Topics—Low Light
  • Advanced Topics—Problem Solving
  • After the Snap—Workflow and Organization
  • Editing—Choosing the Right Image
  • Telling a Story with Pictures—The Photo Essay

Masters of Photography. 24 lectures, 30 minutes each

1. Cory Richards—Redefine Adventure
2. Cory Richards—Broaden Your View
3. Stephen Alvarez—Show What No One Has Shown Before
4. Stephen Alvarez—Set the Scene, Get Close

5. Steve Winter—Understand the Animal
6. Steve Winter—Use All the Tools
7. Joel Sartore—Make a Difference
8. Joel Sartore—Go Back, Get It Right

Landscape and Nature
9. Jim Richardson—The Joys of Nature
10. Jim Richardson—The Elements of Landscape
11. Michael Yamashita—Guide the Eye
12. Michael Yamashita—Moment in Landscape

People in Their Environments
13. Jodi Cobb—Gaining Trust
14. Jodi Cobb—Uncover the Human Condition
15. Ira Block—Build Relationships
16. Ira Block—Use the Background

Color and Light
17. Michael Melford—Good, Bad, and Magic Light
18. Michael Melford—Wait and Work the Shot
19. Annie Griffiths—Compose with Color
20. Annie Griffiths—Write with Light

21. William Albert Allard—Fifty Years of Telling Stories
22. William Albert Allard—Moment, Gesture, Sense of Place
23. Ed Kashi—Engaging the World
24. Ed Kashi—Raising Awareness