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DVDs:Animals and Nature:National Geographic Ultimate Nature DVD Collection Deluxe Edition
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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National Geographic Ultimate Nature DVD Collection Deluxe Edition

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Escape into the wild with this stunning anthology featuring ten of National Geographic’s award-winning nature and wildlife specials. This Deluxe Edition collectible set captures never-before-seen moments of our planet’s most magnificent creatures and places in over ten hours of riveting entertainment.

Journey to exotic and endangered African landscapes, come face-to-face with volcanoes, earthquakes and other forces of nature, witness the fight for survival among powerful predators such as leopards and wolves, and dive into vast underwater worlds. A celebration of the best of adventure filmmaking, this is a thrilling collection that is not to be missed.

Contains Kingdom of the Blue Whale, Eternal Enemies: Lions & Hyenas, Relentless Enemies, Eye of the Leopard, Dolphins: The Wild Side, Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone, Last Stand of the Great Bear, In Search of the Jaguar, Forces of Nature, and Gabon: The Last Eden. see the Title List tab for more information.

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  • 10 discs; 620 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • Collection © 1993—2009

Title List

Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Blue whales are the largest animals to ever live on earth, yet they are difficult to find or track. Even some of the locations where they birth their young are great secrets. Join some of the world's eminent blue whale scientists as they embark on a revolutionary mission to identify and tag California blue whales as they migrate to a spot known as the Costa Rica Dome. This incredible voyage yields unforgettable new footage and insight into these amazing creatures' lives.

90 minutes. © 2009

Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas
Never-before-seen footage, much of it filmed at night, takes you into the mysterious world of Botswana's lions and hyenas. Their intense, even vicious, clashes go beyond competition, almost as if the animals were nurturing a blood feud.

60 minutes. © 1993

Relentless Enemies
The great lions of the Tsaro pride are larger, more fearsome and more innovative than your typical lion. These enormous lions have thick necks and heavy chests built to wade through water and hunt places big cats normally avoid. Trapped on an island with these giant killers are thousands of buffalo who are forced to devise defensive tactics and eventually learn to fight back. See the battle unfold from a unique perspective as National Geographic Channel tracks the movements from the air and up close.

90 minutes. © 2007

Eye of the Leopard
Eye of the Leopard takes us on an enthralling journey deep into the rarely seen lives of leopards. Award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert capture a remarkably intimate and gripping story of a leopard's survival in wild, unspoiled Africa over a period of three years. It's a journey of birth, life and death as a mother leopard and her first surviving cub fight off marauding baboons and elude scavenging hyenas in a constant struggle for survival. Through tragedy and triumph, the Jouberts are there to document it all.

90 minutes. © 2006

Dolphins: The Wild Side
Known for their boundless grace and playful energy, captive dolphins are always eager to please and perform. At home in the open sea, there's a little-known side to these awe-inspiring mammals that's powerful, cunning, and ruthless. Watch as a team of dolphins coordinates a devastating attack on a massive school of fish. See the largest, most fearsome member of the dolphin family—a killer whale—that can travel as fast as 30 miles an hour underwater to capture its next victim. Observe as dolphins learn from an early age how to hydroplane through mere inches of water to catch fish. You'll be amazed to explore the secret side of these sociable yet aggressive creatures.

55 minutes. © 2008

Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone
This classic, beloved National Geographic special was four years in the making and this amazing film invites you to run with the pack for a wolf's-eye-view. Witness the unfolding saga of hardships and affection, losses and triumphs, and the controversy surrounding the decision to reintroduce wolves back into the heart of the West.

60 minutes. © 2007

Last Stand of the Great Bear
National Geographic embarks on a 250-mile adventure through unspoiled territory along the coast of British Columbia called the Great Bear Rain Forest. It is here that bear-hunting wolves take to the sea, grizzlies clash in titanic battles, and wild salmon are the pulsing lifeblood of an entire ecosystem. As this precious habitat faces an uncertain future, threatened by chainsaws and fish farms, a team of dedicated scientists is racing to prove that it must be protected. Forming a wilderness detective squad, these experts are searching for the rare white spirit bear and collecting clues that will decipher the secret life of the forest's elusive inhabitants.

60 minutes. © 2004

In Search of the Jaguar
In the face of his own threatening illness, the greatest protector of jaguars is battling time and adversity to save these endangered cats. Venture deep into the wilds of Brazil, Belize, and Panama with biologist Alan Rabinowitz as he pursues these elusive predators—and fights to protect even more jaguar habitat than he already has.

60 minutes. © 2004

Forces of Nature
Enjoy National Geographic's spectacular large-format film from the comfort of your couch. Filled with incredible how-did-they-do-it film footage of nature at its most potent, it's a powerful image- and music-filled journey of discovery that takes you to the very brink of exploding volcanoes, across rupturing earthquake faults, to the edge of tornadoes, and more.

40 minutes. © 2004

Gabon: The Last Eden
Gabon is an unlikely Eden where relentless predators stalk prey in lush forests, and primates, who have not yet learned to fear man, live right alongside forest elephants. Against all odds, one visionary African leader and a group of dedicated scientists defied the conventional wisdom that insists oil and logging are the only way to bring prosperity to an impoverished land. Out of the wild they created 13 new national parks—and are now developing an eco-tourism industry to sustain them. Gabon: The Last Eden tells this amazing story with stunning footage—silverback gorillas defending territory, mandrill baboons' faces splashed with day-glow color, and hippos wallowing in the ocean—exploring one of the planet's last true wildernesses and what is being done to save it.

50 minutes. © 2007


National Geographic's Exquisite Photograpy never disappoints


Have loved National Geographic for years on a personal basis. I always learn someting new. The synapses of my brain love the challenge and retain so much of the info for future reference. I am an avid Jeopardy fan and many of my correct answer are due to the magazine, books and DVD's I use.

Button Up

Glen Allen, VA.


Excellent, Informative, Educational


Great for all ages. Brings up subjects for further discussion.


Tustin, CA


great movies BUT


fascinating one on dolphins, but be forewarned, do not look crisp on blu ray




For your animal loving grandkid


It is a media gift when I want to avoid video games and other mindless distractions for my grandkids. Plus, they really like it and ask to view the videos over and over. It is stimulating for as young as 3 years old through the teen years so it can't be beat for a wide audience appeal.

Grandma Kate

Roseville, CA


vary well done!


interesting dvd


hackensack, nj


Terrific content.


Very impressive photography. The content is informative and, other than species vs. species violence (which is educational), entertaining.


Cape Canaveral Florida




Seriously??? I can't believe that people are surprised when they see "lion cubs getting torn apart by Hyenas." Is this your first "wildlife" DVD? On the contrary to the previous description of the DVD set, I feel that it was very educational regarding the "real life" struggles of these animals. The important thing to remember here is that the animal kingdom is NOT a Disney movie. I for one prefer to give my children a true understanding and insight on the every day life of these animals, this ensures that they don't react in the same manner as you did when they grow up. Thanks Nat Geo for putting together a great educational package at such a great price! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Jay

The Realist

Denver, CO


Wonderful, realistic, nature documentary


I have long been a fan of the work that National Geographic does and this collection is no exception. These films accurately represent the way life really is in the wild - real predator/prey interaction and the struggle to survive - survival of the fittest right before your eyes. If you are expecting the see contrived predator prey interaction like in a Disney film, then I suppose this wouldn't be a good purchase for you.


Portland, OR


Beware !


I can't believe how they turned everything into blood and gore. I got this for family entertainment and at every turn it was just more blood and gore. See the nice baby lions ... watch the hyenas tear them apart. I will not buy any DVD from you again ! 10 DVD's that are NOT meant for family viewing !




National Geographic Ultimate Nature DVD Collection Deluxe Edition

4.3 9