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Nat Geo ''My Town'' Custom Aerial Map Puzzle

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Put your home at the center of it all with this made-to-order map jigsaw. The 400-piece puzzle features a house-shaped center piece covering your chosen location. We use the latest high-resolution photography and digitally combine images into a seamless bird’s-eye view of your community. The full U.S. street address with zip code that you provide becomes the puzzle’s center point. Shows an area of 1 1/2 miles east to west and 1 mile north to south.

Please note: Personalized items cannot be returned unless damaged or defective. Please check your order carefully; once placed, your order for this item cannot be canceled. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. U.S. postal addresses only.


18 1/2"W x 12 1/4"L completed.


Which mapping base is used? We use the latest aerial imagery from Digital Globe Inc.

How old is the mapping? The majority of the aerial imagery we use was taken on flights by Digital Globe between 2013 and 2014. Digital Globe updates their datasets on a daily basis as they continue to re-fly over areas. We have a live link into their database to ensure that we always access the latest available imagery.

How much area will my puzzle cover? The puzzle always covers one-and-one-half miles east to west and one mile north to south. The center will have a house-shaped piece, which is a good place to start!

My puzzle appears slightly dark, why is this? It is the policy of Digital Globe to fly on clear days, but there may be times when this hasn’t occurred, or when cloud formation makes the image less bright. In more rural areas, the image could have a large amount of tree coverage, although Digital Globe does try to fly in autumn and winter when leaves are off the trees.

Why is my jigsaw not centered correctly? We have invested in the latest geocoding technology to help us center your image on a full street address and zip code. This information is derived from the USPS delivery point for each address; on rare occasions, if this point is not adjacent to your house (for example if the USPS delivery point is at the end of a very long driveway or at a P.O. Box) it is possible that your house may be pictured slightly off center. If this happens, all we need is be the latitude and longitude to re-create your puzzle to that exact location.


Great concept...execution could be better


LOVE the idea of this, and it was a great gift to give my mom a puzzle of her childhood town. However, the puzzle could have been SO much better. The aerial picture used was mostly tree coverage over the neighborhood - so the houses along the streets are just barely visible. No way to distinguish one from another. I also had not realized that the coverage area would include so much space outside the town (it was a REALLY small town). It would be better if the manufacturer could provide a choice of aeriel views and let the purchaser choose - or show what the puzzle would look like before finalizing the purchase. That would add to the lead-time, but it would be worth it. Quality of the actual puzzle was fine - it is just that this could have been such an amazing gift - and it turned out to be only so-so.



Way too small!


Although there are only 400 pieces, the pieces are small and so similar in shape that wrong pieces fit together nicely. I wish the aerial photo was larger so that we could see things more clearly. As it is, we've had to use a magnifying glass to make sure each piece fits and to see what each piece shows. Certainly not worth the money for the aggravation this puzzle has caused.


San Diego


Nat Geo ''My Town'' Custom Aerial Map Puzzle

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