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DVDs:Science:Brain Games Season Two DVD
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Brain Games Season Two DVD

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Get ready, because season two of Brain Games is about to blow your mind. Join host Jason Silva and deception specialist Apollo Robbins as they visit neuroscientists on the cutting edge of brain research, revealing all that we know—and all we have yet to learn— about what's really going on inside our brains. Twelve episodes are packed with interactive games and try-at-home experiments that will astonish and entertain you, while totally messing with your mind.

Not available for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.


  • 2 discs; 264 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-14
  • © 2013

Title List

  • Focus Pocus
  • It's About Time
  • Motion Commotion
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • Power of Persuasion
  • What You Don't Know
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • You Decide
  • Use it or Lose it
  • Ilusion Confusion
  • Liar, Liar
  • Seeing is Believing
  • + BONUS


Brain Games Season Two DVD


student viewing with a lesson


Tulsa, OK


The kids LOVE this video.


This program was very engaging for my 14 yr. old daughter and she couldn't wait to share with her dad when he got home.


Belgrade, MT


Brain Games Season Two DVD

5.0 2