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Maps:Wall Maps:Framed Maps:World Political Map (Earth-toned), Poster Size and Framed
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World Political Map (Earth-toned), Poster Size and Framed

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A current political map that features our world in rich, earth-toned colors. Astounding detail and boardroom quality make this map excellent for reference in your home or office. Features the Winkel Tripel projection to reduce distortion of land masses as they near the poles.

Choose from three frame colors to match your decor.

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • $4.95 will be added to your shipping cost.
  • Not available outside the contiguous 48 United States.


  • 26 1/4" x 38 1/4"
  • Scale: 1:36,384,000
  • © 2007
  • Winner of the 2001 Premier Print Award from Printing Industries of America for "a unique ability to create visual masterpieces"
  • Winner of the 2002 Best Reference Map from the American Congress on Surveying & Mapping

About Our Maps

National Geographic is a renowned authority in cartography. For 120 years the Society's maps have helped spread geographic knowledge around the globe. A vast database allows National Geographic to combine the latest data gained by space-age technology with innovative digital mapping techniques to create state-of-the-art political, physical, and thematic maps. The Society's meticulous research and attention to detail have established a standard of achievement that is unparalleled.


product was amazing, but...


My purchase was a gift for my husband. The map is outstanding and my husband was blown away by it. My only concern was the frame the map came in. I paid extra to get the frame and it was damaged when it arrived. The packageing was done very well which leads me to believe it didn't get damaged in transit. The paint on the frame just popped off on certain parts - some near the corners but some near the glass (center) of the frame. It appeared that the paint wasn't sticking to the material that the frame was made from. We will be buying a new frame for the map, spending more money on the product. If I purchase another item that is similar, I would purchase it without the frame. Again, the actual map is amazing and other products I've purchased from Nat Geo Store were always great.


Westchester NY


The cost is high for the quality


The frame and the plastic covering are so disappointing for the price. My order came damaged, the plastic didn't fit in the frame. NG sent a replacement but I wouldn't recommend this framed Map because of the poor quality.


Naperville, IL


Nice map; cheap, cheap frame job


I hung this framed map in my bedroom. I love looking at maps as I am interested in history and current events and have done some travelling. The map itself is what I wanted but the frame job is not good. The map is covered by plastic, not glass, which maybe is good, less glare and lighter weight. The box arrived damaged and frame slightly dented on one side. I can live with it. If I could order over again, i'd order the map by itself and get it professionally framed.


Aptos, CA


Warning. This item does not ship well.


The good news. The map is beautiful. It does look great on a wall. The bad news is the first map was received damaged. I hung it on the wall before I returned it. The cable broke and it fell to the floor. The second map I received did not have the map mounted properly. The paper was sticking out between the frame and clear plastic.


Chicago suburbs


Map is fine


I use for reference




Would've been beautiful


Map overall looked great with the frame. Frame was of good quality.


San Francisco

Double check product before you mail it


I was very impressed with the map. It is used in my home. Like to refer to map when unfamiliar with place mentioned in a discussion or on news. However, I was disappointed it was received damaged. It appeared to have been packed that way. It should have been looked at more carefully before it was packed. The frame itself was a disappointment. It should be tighter at corners and a couple of places where it looks like a sticker was removed and left residue behind. As I said, the map itself is very nice.


Weymouth, Massachusetts

World Political Map (Earth-toned), Poster Size and Framed

2.9 7