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Undated Slipcase

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Preserve your National Geographic magazines with richly embossed, elegantly bound slipcases. Each two-case set holds 12 monthly issues. Available for years 1950 through 2009 and in this undated slipcase. Please note that the months are no longer printed on these slipcases.

Not available for shipment outside of the U.S.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Pre 1950 slipcases


These slipcases for pre 1950 magazines are the wrong size! The older magazines used a thicker paper so these new slipcases only hold 5 not 6 magazines. A bit disappointing




Undated slipcases no longer available!


I have a collection from 1920-present. Pre 1950 the cases are undated. Now I find out that the NGS will no longer carry them! What do collectors do now? Even when the undated slipcases WERE available, the magazines prior to (approximately) 1935 were significantly thicker than issues of the modern magazine, so you could fit only four or five issues into each slipcase that's supposed to fit six issues. Therefore, you really had to buy a three year supply of slipcases (6 cases total) to fit TWO years of issues! (four issues per slipcase fit comfortably) I have asked the NGS to email me as to why they have discontinued the undated slipcases, and what they plan to do now for collectors of pre 1950 issues, like me.


Melbourne, FL




It came up very useful for my several-years-magazines


San Antonio, TX




My father has National Geographic magazines from the early 1960s. He had started with the old slipcovers (red and black) but they were no longer available so we reshelved all of his magazines into the new ones a few years ago. They are nicer - easier to clean. He had outgrown them so we needed more but when I went to order some more the totally blank ones (the ones with no dates or years on the spine) were no longer available. Sure wish consistancy was a priority these days.

A Reader

Dallas, Texas

Format change with embossed lettering...


I'm not sure why the format for "undated" slip cases was changed to include the months, i.e. Jan-Jun, factory embossed on the cases. Since these slip cases will most often be used to store magazines dated earlier than 1950 they will not fit six issues, often times only four. This makes months irrelevant at best. Rather than add the months, the slip cases should have been produced like the larger sized 1950 "dated" slip cases. I have added, and covered the more recently produced embossed months, gold lettered black label tape for all issues 1888 thru 1949.


Eldersburg, MD


Does the job


For most years pre-1950, the undated slipcases do not hold a full 12 issues. I'd like to see them constructed slightly larger. Older magazines were wider than those in current print.


California, MD


Undated Slipcase 

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