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Magazines:National Geographic Magazine:National Geographic 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed Special Issue
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National Geographic 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed Special Issue

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Who made Stonehenge and how? What lies beneath the lost city of Petra? What brought an end to Mayan civilization? How did Utah's celebrated arches form? This revealing special issue from National Geographic demystifies science, physics, and engineering and examines the cultural forces that created the most mysterious natural and manmade wonders of the world. Filled with vivid illustrations and intriguing anecdotes, 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed peels back the layers of time to illuminate some of the most coveted secrets of all time.


  • Softcover
  • 8 1/2" x 10 5/8"
  • 128 pages
  • © 2013


Mysteries revealed?


While I enjoyed reading about the world's mysteries, not much was actually revealed. They are still mysteries.


Portland, Maine


No mystery of Dracula


(This writing is about special issue of National Geographic -100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed) This writing is about the article Dracula. Mr. William Wilkinsonin writing about Dracula, did he purposely or did just to sale his book or he really did not know what it is all about. Let me clear this mater: First of all, Romanian are Illyrian and they speak the same langue as other Illyrian with miner differences, like Albanians. The word Dracula mean nothing ells but Dragon Kula (Fortes), which in translation to English mean the fortress of Dragon, which was known for the underground tunnel so he can escape in case of emergency and not be caught by anemis. As you know, in many writing human name the heroes or brave people with the symbol of an animal that are super strong. For example you have Ali Pasche Tepelena, as you well know he was called The Lion of Janina, so Vlad III was a great fighter against the foreign occupation. Yeas, he impelled the people against whom he fought to implant fear on the enemy soldier. To terrify the opposition and be afraid to fight him, and then the people started spread all kind of thinks about him and it was in his interest not to oppose that kind talk. Vlad III was from an Illyrian tribe called Geci who you find them all over in Romania, Kosovo and and Albania. Romanian were majority shepherds and with their animal, mostly sheep's, went where ever found better pashquers. Even today you have for example Daci-ic the Sebian minster of Serbia in negotiating with Kosovo-a Serbian and i had a worker by last name Daci an Albanian. Serbian Daci-ic staid Christian and he became Serbian, yet the part of family converted to Muslim, and he became Albanian. Albanian, fought the Turks for 38 years, with the defeat after defeat in protection on Christianity and when the leaders died the Turks made sure that they Forcefully made them religious brothers, because at that time was no nationality. They were right because Albanian, based on the book of Misha Glenni, give Turkey 26 Grand Viziers who expended and protected Turkish Empire. With the best of wishes Rexh Xhakli which five generation before his family was Catholic.


Fort Lee, NJ

National Geographic 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed Special Issue

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