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DVDs:Adventure and Exploration:Dirty Rotten Survival 2-DVD-R Set
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Dirty Rotten Survival 2-DVD-R Set

Item #1095782
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$29.95 $14.98
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Dirty Rotten Survival is an outdoor adventure trek seasoned with a dash of grit, "man-genuity," and a whole lot of MacGyver'ing. National Geographic Channel challenged a survival savant, an engineer-inventor and a construction guru to hit the road and test their mettle by competing in location-inspired outdoor challenges across several states using a different, limited set of tools in each episode.

Episodes include: Get Hardware, Swamped, Car-B-Que, Jersey Devils, Desert Express, Castaways, Timber!, Hog Wild, and Gimme Shelter.

Not available for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.


  • 2 discs; 450 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-14
  • © 2015

Title List

  • Get Hardware
  • Swamped
  • Car-B-Que
  • Jersey Devils
  • Desert Express
  • Castaways
  • Timber!
  • Hog Wild
  • Gimme Shelter.


Dirty Rotten Survival 2-DVD-R Set

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