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DVDs:Science:Brain Games Season Six DVD
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Brain Games Season Six DVD

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National Geographic Channel's Emmy-nominated series is back with all-new episodes. Using a series of experiments, illusions and man-on-the-street demonstrations, host Jason Silva and guest experts unlock the science behind the mysteries of why we say, eat, feel and act as we do with topics ranging from memory and common sense, to morality and the paranormal.Through a series of interactive experiments designed to mess with your mind, we reveal the inner-workings of your brain. Hailed by critics as "tremendous fun" that "makes science entertaining," Brain Games turns your mind's eye inwards for a fascinating journey into the three and a half pounds of tissue that makes you... you.

Episodes include Positive Thinking, Scams, Sleep, Perspective, Animals vs. Human, and Imagination.

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  • 1 disc; 132 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2015

Title List

  • Positive Thinking
  • Scams
  • Sleep
  • Perspective
  • Animals vs. Human
  • Imagination