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DVDs:History:Doomsday Preppers Season Four DVD-R
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Doomsday Preppers Season Four DVD-R

Item #1095713
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$29.95 $22.46
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Doomsday Preppers follows the lives of ordinary Americans who believe that a major catastrophe may end modern life. These individuals stockpile food, water, and weapons in an attempt to survive an impending devastating disaster. National Geographic explores the ever-growing fears of a populace concerned with everything from natural disaster to economic collapse, showcasing real preps by real people.

Includes To Fail is To Die, Be The Prep, Shepherds and Wolves, Back to the Dark Ages, You Said It Was Non-Lethal, There Will Be Chaos.

Not for sale outside the U.S.


  • 2 discs; 270 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-14
  • © 2014

Title List

  • To Fail is To Die
  • Be The Prep
  • Shepherds and Wolves
  • Back to the Dark Ages
  • You Said It Was Non-Lethal
  • There Will Be Chaos