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DVDs:History:At War Classics DVD Collection
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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At War Classics DVD Collection

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National Geographic captures the personal stories and pivotal moments of battle through rare archival footage, personal narratives, and never-before-seen photos in this three-disc collection of five classic programs. Witness day-to-day life in an active war zone in Afghanistan, gain a fresh perspective on the tumultuous years of the Vietnam War, and explore the unsolved mysteries and startling true stories behind the attack on Pearl Harbor. From the Civil War and WWII to contemporary conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, National Geographic offers an insightful and in-depth examination of the conflicts that shaped our world.

At War Classics includes Inside the Vietnam War, Road to War: Iraq, Camp Leatherneck, Civil War Gold, and Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack.

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  • 3 discs; 387 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2012

Title List

Inside the Vietnam War
Inside the Vietnam War features riveting first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans' experiences during the Vietnam War matched with in-country archival film footage, audio recordings and personal photos. Using innovative tactics like helicopter warfare, this film recounts the experience of U.S. soldiers as they fought bloody battles in Ia Drang River Valley, Dak To and the Iron Triangle and undertook large-scale operations such as Cedar Falls and Junction City.

150 minutes. © 2008

Road to War: Iraq
National Geographic goes behind the scenes to provide frank insight into the decision-making process that led to the invasion of Iraq. Road to War: Iraq reveals how internal rivalries, murky intelligence, and the events of September 11 influenced one of today's most controversial conflicts. Featuring original interviews with key insiders including Andrew Card, former White House Chief of Staff; Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State; and Richard Perle, former Chairman, Defense Policy Board, this program details the internal debate and controversy surrounding the seismic shift in American foreign policy.

50 minutes. © 2008

Camp Leatherneck
In January 2009 it was a patch of lawless Afghan desert, riddled with Taliban fighters. Today, Camp Leatherneck is home to more than 7,000 troops. National Geographic goes inside the epicenter of the war in Afghanistan to meet the men and women who live and work in the camp. Learn how violence, boredom, excessive heat, separation from family and cultural differences affect the mind-set of the warriors. With unprecedented access, National Geographic chronicles daily life at Camp Leatherneck and the challenges and danger that come with living in an active war zone.

50 minutes. © 2010

Civil War Gold
Deep within the dark recesses of the Atlantic Ocean rest the remains of the celebrated steamship S.S. Republic and a staggering fortune in gold and silver coins. The ship and its extraordinary cargo—worth over $75 million in today's market—sank in a furious hurricane while en route to New Orleans in 1865. The fabled steamship has eluded discovery … until now. The team of deep-ocean explorers and excavators from Odyssey Marine Exploration has located the ship and with it, the promise of an immense treasure. This ship's amazing cargo of gold and artifacts provides an intimate glimpse of the many opportunities the post-war South offered to those hardy enough to journey there. The captivating story of the discovery, and that of the ill-fated crew and passengers of the Republic, is chronicled in this fascinating film.

60 minutes. © 2004

Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Robert Ballard tackles one of the enduring mysteries of World War II—the role of a Japanese midget sub in the attack on Pearl Harbor. As he heads out to locate the sub's wreckage, Ballard is intrigued by the possibilities. Was the submarine Pearl Harbor's first casualty? Could it have escaped the U.S. destroyer that fired upon it? And, perhaps most critical, why didn't the sub's presence tip American forces to the approaching attack?

85 minutes. © 1999