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DVDs:Space:Space DVD Collection
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Space DVD Collection

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Delve deeper with our Space DVD set, which includes several of our most popular space exploration DVDs: Hubble’s Amazing Universe, Inside the Milky Way, Asteroids: Deadly Impact, Journey to an Alien Moon, and Monster Black Holes.

In Hubble's Amazing Universe, glimpse the far ends of the universe as seen through the amazing Hubble Space Telescope, and meet one of the astronauts risking everything to save it.

Using cutting-edge science, Inside the Milky Way constructs a 3-D state-of-the-art CGI model of our galaxy. Gaze into the heart of the Milky Way on the hunt for super-massive black holes. Witness as stars are born and die. Fly out and above the plane of our galaxy to understand its true shape and scour its dusty spiral arms for the possibility of life.

In Asteroids: Deadly Impact, join extraordinary geologist Eugene Shoemaker and his wife Carolyn who have remapped the heavens with their discoveries of more than 30 comets and hundreds of asteroids. Now that we know what's out there, how can we defend ourselves?

Through CGI and quests to the edge of our planet, Journey to an Alien Moon goes to Europa—an icy moon of Jupiter—to answer the basic question: are we alone in the universe?

Journey into the heart of Monster Black Holes and explore what happens to matter when it comes too close to one, and whether our Milky Way galaxy will one day come to an end when the black hole at the galaxy's center explodes.

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  • 5 discs; 5 programs; 289 minutes
  • All Widescreen except Asteroids
  • © 1997—2010

Title List

  • Hubble’s Amazing Universe
  • Inside the Milky Way
  • Asteroids: Deadly Impact
  • Journey to an Alien Moon
  • Monster Black Holes


It's so amazing what's out there!


Everything is so wonderful!


los angeles

Great to see what God's been up to!!


I just love seeing pictures from space. It's always so beautiful.


los angeles california


Good DVDs


My mother in law loves watching the National Geography materials. So, I bought this set for her and she loves it. She asked me to get more DVDs similar to this set, like the planets and etc. things that are not so great about it are - I have to sit with her and translate it to her. It's a good thing I like to watch it too, but I can't watch that hours and hours like her. Some of the materials are beyond me, hard to understand to translate to her. But she's still enjoying the DVDs even though I do not have time to translate for her. She said she likes the color too of the universe and etc.


Providence, RI


i would but this item again and again.


I thoroughly enjoyed this product.


Atlanta, Georgia


Highly Informative


Wonderful documentary for the family; will definitely teach you a lot about space and the universe we live in. Amazing images and lots of new information. The documentary is very professional, without silly "drama". My husband is an aerospace engineer and even he was sufficiently "blown away"!




An excelent overvue. Well wort the price


In all other Explinations of black holes they are describrd as a solil mass of gravity. The video of black holes in (Space) describes them as not having solid matter but as a mass of energy. Which to me is confuseing. The matter that they consume has to be somewhere !


Thomaston Ct.




Wonderfully educational and inspired my grandsons to THINK. Absolutely enriched thier summer vacation.

Happy Grandma

San Diego, CA


Great educational & entertaining


Got as a Christmas gift I have watched over 20 times myself. Very entertaining & informative. Once you watch you don't look at anything the same, it changes you.


Jackson, Mi


Space DVD Collection

4.9 8