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Photography:Photography Guides:Fundamentals Of Photography Course on DVD
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Fundamentals Of Photography Course on DVD

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Photographs are more than just snapshots. When taken the right way, they become dramatic personal statements with the power to last forever. They can transport you to distant landscapes, capture fleeting emotions, recall cherished memories, reveal the beauty of daily life, and even change the world.

With recent developments in technology, we now take and share photographs almost instantaneously through online photo albums and social media—making this unique form of personal expression more central to our lives than ever before.

But when many of us take photographs, we simply point our cameras and click without being aware of what we’re doing, what we’re seeing, or how we can do it better. In reality, taking great photographs requires you to “see” as a professional photographer does; to train your eyes using the same fundamental techniques and principles the experts use to create unforgettable images from the grandest (and simplest) of subjects.

Whether you take photos as a hobby or for a living, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, whether you’re using a simple digital camera or the latest high-tech lenses, understanding how to use the power of your camera’s settings; how to create or capture the right lighting and angles; how to handle difficult situations such as poor lighting or fast-moving subjects; and how to research and plan for the perfect photo shoot can lead you to start taking more dynamic photographs—ones that truly capture everything you see and feel about a particular moment in time.

With Fundamentals of Photography, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art and craft of great photography straight from a professional photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Designed for people at all levels, these 24 lectures are an engaging guide to how photographs work and how to make them work better for you. National Geographic contributing photographer Joel Sartore has crafted a course that will hone your photographer’s eye so you can capture the greatest moments in nearly every situation and setting imaginable, from a field of flowers to a friend’s birthday party to a grand mountain range. Taking you both inside the photographer’s studio and out into the field, this course is a chance to learn, in a way anyone can grasp, the basic insights and hidden secrets of photography.


  • 4 discs; 12 hours, 36 minutes
  • © 2012

Title List

24 lectures / 30 minutes per lecture

  • Making Great Pictures
  • Camera Equipment—What You Need
  • Lenses and Focal Length
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Aperture and Depth of Field
  • Light I—Found or Ambient Light
  • Light II—Color and Intensity
  • Light III—Introduced Light
  • Composition I—Seeing Well
  • Composition II—Background and Perspective
  • Composition III—Framing and Layering
  • Let’s Go to Work—Landscapes
  • Let’s Go to Work—Wildlife
  • Let’s Go to Work—People and Relationships
  • Let’s Go to Work—From Mundane to Extraordinary
  • Let’s Go to Work—Special Occasions
  • Let’s Go to Work—Family Vacations
  • Advanced Topics—Research and Preparation
  • Advanced Topics—Macro Photography
  • Advanced Topics—Low Light
  • Advanced Topics—Problem Solving
  • After the Snap—Workflow and Organization
  • Editing—Choosing the Right Image
  • Telling a Story with Pictures—The Photo Essay


Better than ever expected!


I have been an enthusiastic photographer for at least 30 years. My father told me camera basics and a little about light. People liked a lot of my pictures and so did I. But when I found myself with an expensive camera (Canon 5D with a lot of stuff) and still was not happy with my shooting, I thought I had to start from scratch again. So I gave this course a try not at all knowing what it was and a little embarrassed because it was basics. How wrong could I be! After the first lesson I realised this was exactly what I missed. Started to do the homework immeadetly. The pieces slowly fell together. Understanding camera, planning a shoot, WORK IT, background, framing, light, positions, subject, scene and above all editing (picking out pictures), all covered nice and understanding. When I finished the course, I realized my pictures had improved a lot - easy to tell when I see the old ones. With hands on my heart I recommend this course!


Stabekk, Norway


Very interesting and fun way to learn


Very nice way to learn from M. Saltore!!!! Very impressed about the courses...


Montreal, Canada


Good info


good for beginners




Definitely improving my photography


I've only finished the first 8 lessons so far, but already feel like I have learned so much from Joel. This is a great opportunity to learn from a master. He is changing my approach to photography, amd I hope someday to have a chance to thank him personally. The section on available light, how to find it, was really interesting. Also I've started to shoot with daylight white balance (as he suggests) rather than trying to always correct it. This way I can see the color of the light in the shots, and since shooting raw, can always apply correction later if I prefer it.


Santa Rosa, CA


Far Exceeded My Wildest Hopes


I can't say enough about this course. Thank heavens I noticed it. Terrific, awesome, and way beyond my expectations. I love it.

Photo Nut



Fundamentals of Photography DVD


We use it on the computer or on the TV with a DVD player. It is an easy way to learn and one can refer to it at any time at a later date.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Fundamentals Of Photography Course on DVD

4.5 6