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DVDs:Best of National Geographic:Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Six 8-DVD Set
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Six 8-DVD Set

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Get the best of the National Geographic Channel with this eight-volume sampler of classic programs exploring topics such as WWII, Antarctic wildlife, and calculating the human footprint. The collection includes Inside Grand Central, Is It Real? Vampires, America's Greatest Animals, Untold Stories of WWII, Last Voyage of the Lusitania, Human Footprint, San Francisco's Great Quake and Antarctic Wildlife Adventure. See the Title List tab for details about each program

Not available for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.


  • 8 discs
  • Widescreen
  • © 1994-2011

Title List

Inside Grand Central
Explore the magnificent secrets of this iconic landmark as we take you inside the heart, soul and amazing engineering of this superstructure.
95 minutes. © 2005

Is It Real? Vampires
Nat Geo Channel takes you to Romania to dissect the legend of Dracula, and a self-professed, blood-drinking vampire tells all.
50 minutes. © 2010

America's Greatest Animals
Nat Geo WILD goes on a search to find America's "big five." Can America compete with Africa's beasts?
90 minutes. © 2011

Untold Stories of WWII
What if Hitler had had the A-bomb? Why did Japan's submarine sneak attack on Pearl Harbor fail? Could the Kamikazes have turned the tide of the war in the Pacific? Now, these and other compelling stories about the secret weapons, ruthless tactics, and remarkable heroism of World War II can be told.
55 minutes. © 1998

Last Voyage of the Lusitania
Why did Germany torpedo the Lusitania, a civilian vessel? And why did such an enormous ship sink so fast? Take a high-tech plunge beneath the Irish Channel and relive one of the century's most mysterious maritime tragedies.
60 minutes. © 1994

Human Footprint
In a playful, surprising and thought-provoking portrait of our time on earth, see all the people you will ever know, how much waste you will produce, the amount of fuel you'll consume and how much you've got to pack in during your 2,475,526,000 seconds on the planet.
90 minutes. © 2008

San Francisco's Great Quake
The United States' most powerful earthquake tore San Francisco to the ground in less than a minute. This is the terrifying and inspiring tale of a pitched battle between man and nature told by the stories of people who lived through it.
90 minutes. © 2006

Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
Join naturalists on a journey through the remote islands around the tip of the continent, where they reveal pristine wilderness and wildlife including humpback whales, penguins, and elephant seals.
60 minutes. © 2005


Great quality product: a wonderful gift!


I gave this collection as a gift and the recipient is so pleased with the depth and clarity of the research that I know more collections will be the right direction to go for another gift.




Entertainment for the entire Family


Variety and quality that like myself, so many others have also come to expect from National Geographic.


Neenah Wisconsin


Great offer for price


These DVD's make great gifts for children 7-14, they rave about them as choice items used on long road trips, and whenever bored with lesser stimulating play. Everyone happy even their parents.

Suzy Q

Grand Rapids Michigan


Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Six 8-DVD Set

4.7 3