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DVDs:Animals and Nature:National Parks DVD Collection 10-Disc Expanded Edition
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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National Parks DVD Collection 10-Disc Expanded Edition

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Celebrate the wonders of our beautiful National Parks with this ten-disc expanded collection, now including Glacier National Park, Canyonlands, plus two bonus programs: Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. This breathtaking collection takes you beyond the tourist hot spots to explore these amazing places as never before.

Trek to the high-altitude summit of Denali Park's Mount McKinley, kayak through the hidden secrets of the Everglades, and face the wild extremes of life in Death Valley. With stunning cinematography, National Parks Collection travels off-road to reveal the real Yosemite and Yellowstone. It's an awe-inspiring collection you'll want to journey to again and again.

Contains: Secret Yellowstone, Secret Yosemite, Extreme Alaska: Denali National Park, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Hidden Hawaii, Canyonlands, and Glacier National Park. Bonus Programs: Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and 3D Interactive and Printable Park Maps

Not available for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.


  • 10 discs; 429 minutes
  • © 2007-2010

Title List

Programs include:

Secret Yellowstone
National Geographic goes beyond the tourist hotspots and travels deep inside the 2 million acre national park to reveal the backcountry wilderness few have seen. Explore some of the 300 newly discovered waterfalls and learn how wolves, back after five decades of absence from Yellowstone, are helping restore the balance in the ecosystem alongside the grizzly bear and bison. Finally, discover how the geology of Yellowstone with its giant well of molten lava underneath the surface is sometimes more dangerous than the wildlife.
50 minutes. © 2007

Secret Yosemite
Known for its steep granite cliffs, impressive waterfalls and the world's largest living trees—the Giant Sequoias—Yosemite attracts vacationers all year round. With more than 700,000 acres of land, this terrain is home to a host of wild creatures ranging from black bears, bobcats, foxes, snakes and a variety of bats. Discover this vast wilderness as National Geographic explores the life within the wilderness found beyond the postcard-perfect views.
50 minutes. © 2007

Extreme Alaska: Denali National Park
Located near the top of the world, Denali National Park is home to more than six million acres of extreme wilderness. Venture beyond the tourist hotspots and join National Geographic on a low-to-high-altitude trek through Denali's breathtaking ecosystems. Elevation sets the rules in this subarctic land where only the most hardy creatures can survive.
50 minutes. © 2007

The Everglades is many things to many people, but above all else, it is a wilderness-1.5 million acres of the most extraordinary and unique habitat. 1,100 species of plants and 350 species of birds live here for at least part of the year, and some of those species live nowhere else on earth. We'll journey into the Everglades on foot, by airboat, on a helicopter and by kayak to see what secrets this wild space is hiding.
50 minutes. © 2009

Grand Canyon
National Geographic joins a rare scientific expedition to explore the Grand Canyon's entire 277-mile length. Explore the canyon's geological history, study the microscopic colonies of vegetation that survive where no other plant can and examine its many unique creatures to unlock some of the mysteries of this wonder of the world.
50 minutes. © 2008

Death Valley
Journey with National Geographic, from Death Valley's highest peak at 11,049 feet, to its lowest point, a staggering 282 feet below sea-level, and meet the scientists who are working to protect this wild place as the mercury rises.
50 minutes. © 2009

Hidden Hawaii
America's newest marine sanctuary, Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, encompasses the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The monument is bigger than all U.S. national parks combined--yet the majority of this environment has never been seen. What is in this vast marine conservation area? And, what will it take to protect it?
50 minutes. © 2009

Canyonlands is the little-known jewel of the American National Parks. This stark landscape of extraordinary features contains more than 300,000 acres of desert wilderness, towering spires and spectacular canyons. But this rugged terrain is more than a pretty picture--it is a history book of time. Its stories stretch from the geologic forces that created this land, to the beginnings of life on earth and from ancient people, to the cowboys and outlaws of the Old West. Venture beyond the tourist hotspots and discover the hidden secrets of Canyonlands National Park.
50 minutes. © 2009

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park in Montana is arguably America’s most stunning landscape, with carved massive glaciers and a melting ice cycle that supports ecosystems of more than 2,000 species of plants and animals. However, the glaciers are disappearing at a rapid rate and may be gone in just 10 years. Following the collapsing of the park's most prominent mountain of ice, National Geographic treks into the Continental Divide to uncover the hidden secrets of this transforming landscape.
50 minutes. © 2010

Bonus Programs:

Appalachian Trail
For more than half of the U.S. population, the Appalachian Trail is less than a day's drive away. Yet despite its proximity to many major cities, few truly know the splendor of this national treasure. National Geographic travels off the beaten track to discover the remote and often unknown corners of the 5-million-step journey.
50 minutes. © 2009

Pacific Crest Trail
The Pacific Crest Trail zigzags some 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. It cuts through seven national Parks and 24 national forests as it travels through California, Oregon, and Washington. It's a trail of ever-changing obstacles--from some of the highest mountain passes in the west to some of the hottest desert in the country. The two to three hundred hikers who attempt the PCT each year often find out quickly if they have what it takes for the journey ahead.
50 minutes. © 2010

Includes 3D Interactive and Printable Park Maps




These DVDs gave me a chance to visit the National Parks like if I was there I'll never have a chance to see them in person because of my Health very beautiful I love these DVDs very much and will cherish them forever.


El Paso TX


Interesting dvd's


thought when I ordered this dvd set they would show some of the trails and scenery as we will be travelling out west later this summer and plan to visit several National Parks. I was able to see lots of areas that I won't be traveling on and I thought it was more about climate control than actually seeing the Parks.

Grammy's Photos

Elyria, OH


Great Gift


Gave to my son as a Christmas gift. He enjoyed it very much. He's going to use it to plan future trips.


Loretto, MN


National Parks DVD


Great to see the bigger picture facing our parks. The bear video in Glacier was just so funny.


Embden, maine


Remember to read the fine print


I was wanting to get an education on Olympic NP for a trip next summer. I didn't read the fine print to see that Olympic was not included - I assumed that all were included, especially on 10 discs. I am now awaiting deliver of your Nation Parks Course - the reviews assure me that all Parks are included. In summary, I'm sure the videos above are fine, just not what I needed. I will save them for a later trip.


Ellenton, FL


Even my 5 years old loved this collection!


We received this collection as a present before our planned vacation to Yellowstone. The gift wrap added an elegant touch to it. So far we have watched two documentaries: Yellowstone and the Glacier National Park. Audience: my husband, our 3 kids (10, 6 and 5 years old) and I. I was impressed that the kids watched the whole Yellowstone documentary. They were mesmerized. Of course my two younger boys loved the special effects showing the magma underneath the park. For my 10 y.o. daughter it was kind of scary. She needed some reassurance that the Park will not explode while we will be there! Less appealing for the boys was Glacier Nat. Park documentary. Maybe because it was less "scary" even though it showed death animals?! On the other hand my daughter enjoyed to learn about scientific methods to discover why the animals were dying. My husband and I just love them both! I am looking forward to watch the one on Hawaii.

A curious family

Richland, WA


National Parks DVD Collection 10-Disc Expanded Edition

4.3 6