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DVDs:Animals and Nature:Awesome Animals DVD
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Awesome Animals DVD

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National Geographic presents a series just for kids that explores the genius of some awesome animals. Join 16-year-old narrator Jake Cuddemi as he unlocks fascinating and surprising secrets about the intelligence of dogs, rats and pigeons. From dogs who seem to have special sensory powers and super-genius rats with amazing memories to pigeons with master navigation skills, Awesome Animals sheds light on the unexpected genius of animals.

Episodes include Rat Genius, Dog Genius, and Pigeon Genius.

Not available for shipment outside the U.S. and Canada.


  • 1 disc; 75 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-G
  • © TBD

Title List

Rat Genius
Rats have been vilified and associated with disease and filth but why have they been so successful in outsmarting our best efforts to combat them? Now, the National Geographic Channel takes an in-depth look at these clever creatures to reveal their supreme agility, remarkable adaptability, and shockingly witty minds. In Rat Genius, see how scientists are trying to put their intelligence to use detecting land mines in Africa and sniffing out disease in humans.
© 2007

Dog Genius
Just how smart is man's best friend? Scientists and trainers explore canine intelligence in surprising new ways, unlocking new clues about our faithful companions.
© 2007

Pigeon Genius
They live in our cities by the millions. Seemingly unremarkable gray birds, pigeons are smarter than we think. They are master fliers and navigators and have an incredible ability to find their way home from distant, unfamiliar locations. Just how pigeons do this is a question scientists across the globe are investigating. Join the National Geographic Channel as we explore the genius of pigeons.
© 2007