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DVDs:Adventure and Exploration:Fish Tank Kings Season Two DVD-R Set
As seen on the Nat Geo WILD.
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Fish Tank Kings Season Two DVD-R Set

Item #1095654
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Extreme fish aquariums are the ultimate status symbol, and the people who are on the cutting edge are in high demand. Dive into the demanding, pressure-filled job of pulling off these massive underwater creations.

With a cast of thousands (of fish)—from the giant Pacific octopus and rare captive-bred porkfish to blacktip reef sharks and lionfish—Fish Tank Kings follows Florida-based aquarium specialists as they use their unparalleled skills, creativity, and teamwork to pull off the most extreme of these tanks, where the drama and pressure of the building process is nowhere as serene as the final product.

Contains The Amazing Aqua-Van, Big Bowl of Gumbo Limbo, Desperate Housetanks, Love’s A Beach, Turning a New Reef, Little Mermaids, There's a Tree in My Tank, 14 Tanks and a Shipwreck, Shark Tank, Secret Crystal Cave Fish, The Fish Whisperer, Empire Tank Building, Jellyfish Jackpot, Go Fish!, Pufferfish Palace, and Sweetest Tank on Earth.

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  • 4 discs; 720 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-14
  • © 2013

Title List

  • The Amazing Aqua-Van
  • Big Bowl of Gumbo Limbo
  • Desperate Housetanks
  • Love’s A Beach
  • Turning a New Reef
  • Little Mermaids
  • There's a Tree in My Tank
  • 14 Tanks and a Shipwreck
  • Shark Tank
  • Secret Crystal Cave Fish
  • The Fish Whisperer
  • Empire Tank Building
  • Jellyfish Jackpot
  • Go Fish!
  • Pufferfish Palace
  • Sweetest Tank on Earth