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Destinations of a Lifetime

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National Geographic takes you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, inspiring tangible ideas for your next trip. Hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—are illustrated with vivid images taken by the organization's world-class photographers. These images, coupled with evocative text, feature a plethora of visual wonders: ancient monoliths, scenic islands, stunning artwork, electric cityscapes, white-sand seashores, rain forests, ancient cobbled streets, and both classic and innovative architecture. Loaded with hard service information for each location, Destinations of a Lifetime has it all: when to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to ensure the most enriching and authentic experience.


  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages; 250 color photographs
  • 9 1/8" x 10 7/8"
  • © 2015

Author Bio

Dan Westergren took up photography after being taught how to develop film by an indulgent science teacher in the eighth grade. That early experience instilled in him a reverence for the classic, timeless feel of a wonderful photograph, a reverence that he continues to feel even with his job as director of photography for National Geographic Travel. In addition to photo editing for National Geographic Traveler magazine and he has photographed a variety of stories, including expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn in the European Alps. Westergren also attended and photographed an expedition to ski the last degree to the North Pole. Over the years, he's shot some of the world's most intriguing people, places, and experiences.

In the Press

"This breathtaking, 320-page volume, published by National Geographic, contains 250 exquisite color photographs that will either inspire you to see the world or at least give you the opportunity to become the quintessential armchair traveler. It features hundreds of locales around the world, both natural and man-made, including ancient monoliths, scenic islands, white-sand seashores and rain forests. Images taken by some of the world’s premier photographers are accompanied by practical travel information for visitors to each place, including dining and lodging options."—The Wall Street Journal

"The world's most desirable holiday destinations—in pictures."—


Very Informative


Not all destinations are of my interest but it is still a great read with plenty of information & photos to get you started on your journey.


Chicago, Illinois

Destinations of a Lifetime


Easy reading and beautiful photographs!


Walnut Creek, CA


Nice Pictures, too bad some facts are wrong.


At first glance I noticed that the author did not do much research. For example, he indicates that Banff National Park is in British Columbia. Banff National Park is actually in the province of Alberta.






Istanbul is represented by Hagia Sophia. Unfortunately, 1 of the 2 photos that supposed to be the pictures of the HS, is a photo of the Blue Mosque. Very disappointing that NOBODY at NG bothered looking at what is going to be published. Still, Istanbul should be on everybody's bucket list !


Ottawa, Canada


Destinations of a Lifetime

3.0 4