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Books:Books:Photography:Around the World in 125 Years - 3-Volume Collector's Edition Book from TASCHEN
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Around the World in 125 Years - 3-Volume Collector's Edition Book from TASCHEN


Since 1888, National Geographic magazine has brought the farthest corners of the Earth to life through dazzling photography, illustrations, and riveting stories. Now, in honor of the National Geographic Society’s 125th anniversary, we are proud to present this oversized, three-volume set featuring almost 1,500 pages of photographs—many never before published—that span the decades and span the seven continents.

Extra large, richly reproduced photos take readers from the Americas and Antarctica (volume 1) to Europe and Africa (volume 2) and Asia and Oceania (volume 3). Every era of photographic technology is represented, from evocative early black-and-white pictures to Autochromes (a pioneering color process that required a much longer exposure time) to the golden era of Kodachrome through to today’s incredible digital technologies. National Geographic photographers set the standard for the photo essay, and the magazine was responsible for many innovations in the medium, including the first natural-color underwater pictures.

Discover how the magazine’s approach to documenting the world evolved over time, from posed photos that presented a romantic outlook on foreign cultures to a more photojournalistic approach that doesn’t shy away from political turmoil, environmental threats, and complex social issues.

  • Each volume is presented in its own slipcase that folds into a handsome bookstand, allowing easy browsing and display.
  • Published by Taschen, known for its striking presentations of art, architecture, photography, and design
  • Features an introductory essay by historian Douglas Brinkley
  • Includes photographer biographies and a National Geographic magazine timeline

See a behind-the-scenes video, National Geographic Showcases 125 Years of Amazing Images. Click here to watch the feature on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell.


  • Hardcover; three volumes with slipcases
  • 1,468 pages
  • 11" x 15 13/32"
  • © 2013