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Books:Books:Space:The Hubble Cosmos
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The Hubble Cosmos

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To celebrate NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and its 25 years of accomplishments, let The Hubble Cosmos fill your mind with big ideas, brilliant imagery, and a new understanding of the universe in which we live. Relive key moments in the monumental Hubble story, from launch through major new instrumentation to the promise of discoveries to come. With more than 170 photographs including Hubble All-Stars—the most famous of all the noteworthy images—The Hubble Cosmos shows how this telescope is revolutionizing our understanding of the universe.


  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages; 170 color photographs
  • 9 1/8" x 10 7/8"
  • © 2015

Author Info

DAVID H. DEVORKIN is the co-author of National Geographic's Hubble: Imaging Space and Time. He is senior curator of history of astronomy and the space sciences. DeVorkin's major research interests are in the origins and development of modern astrophysics during the 20th century and the origins and development of the space sciences from the V-2 rocket to the present. He is the author/editor/compiler of nine books and more than 100 scholarly and popular articles. ROBERT W. SMITH is the co-author of National Geographic's Hubble: Imaging Space and Time. He is professor of history and director of the science, technology, and society program at the University of Alberta, Canada. His research interests are in the history of the physical sciences, astronomy, cosmology, and spaceflight in the United States. He is currently working on a project, the James Webb Space Telescope (a $5 billion project that is a joint enterprise of NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency, which will launch in 2014. ROBERT P. KIRSHNER, Clowes Professor of Science in the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University, accomplished groundbreaking work on supernovas and the expansion of the universe using the Hubble Space Telescope.

In the Press

"Every Hubble Space Telescope photo is met with equal measure of awe and wonder." —International Business Times

"Visually stunning...this compendium will blow your earth-based mind." —New York Post




As never seen how deep we are

The observer

Montevideo URUGUAY

Beautiful Book


Three of four books I have received from National Geographic recently were damaged in shipment. Unlike other shippers, NGS does not pad the edges of the books it ships. When the boxes get rough treatment, the corners of the covers get badly damaged. I love the books, but I would like to get them in like new condition.


Santa Barbara, CA


The Hubble Cosmos

5.0 2