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DVDs:Animals and Nature:World's Wild Places Collection 6-DVD Set
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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World's Wild Places Collection 6-DVD Set

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National Geographic journeys to forbidding ocean depths and the highest mountain peaks to reveal the secrets of the most remote environments on the Earth. Featuring unparalleled cinematography and compelling storytelling, World’s Wild Places Collection unveils the beautiful, rugged natural world like never before and celebrates the untamed wildlife that inhabit these spectacular wild places.

Includes Wild Congo, The Nile, Wild Australia, Kingdom of the North, Wild Hawaii, and Wild Alaska.

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  • 6 discs; 720 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2013-2015

Title List

Wild Hawaii: Land of Fire & Secrets of the Deep
From its hot molten core to the mega sized waves battering its coast, Hawaii is an untamed and very wild bit of paradise that continues to transform itself and challenge expectations. National Geographic takes you on a breathtaking journey to an island of natural beauty: a place that through an alchemy of fire, ice and water, has transformed itself from a volcanic wasteland into a paradise on Earth.
90 minutes. © 2014

Wild Congo: Rover of Monsters & King Kong's Lair
There's a reason Africa's most powerful and mysterious river is called the Heart of Darkness. Up to eight miles wide with towering ten-foot waves, the Congo pulses through dangerous terrain and serves as the lifeblood to an incredible variety of species—from forest elephants to elephant fish!
90 minutes. © 2014

Wild Alaska
The rugged coast of our biggest state harbors the most incredible wildlife in America. When winter breaks, animals make the most of the endless sunshine before this world closes again in darkness. This is the story of the creatures that endure this harsh reality along the shoreline—Alaska's life on the edge.
45 minutes. © 2013

Wild Nile: Paradise Found
The Nile is an exceptional river with many sources. Follow the melting snow of the Rwenzori Mountains and the rains in Rwanda and Burundi as they give birth to the world's longest river.

Wild Nile: Heart of Darkness
Pouring out of Lake Victoria, the Nile bursts into life, growing vast with sandy banks and mighty rapids. Under the scorching sun, elephant herds leave the savannah to drink and bathe in the river.

Wild Nile: River of Kings
Pouring out of Lake Victoria, the Nile bursts into life, growing vast with sandy banks and mighty rapids. Under the scorching sun, elephant herds leave the savannah to drink and bathe in the river.

Wild Australia: Realm of the Wombat
In the dramatic dry southern plains of Australia, wombats—short-legged, muscular marsupials native to Australia—seem to spend most of their time sleeping, but they are experts of survival, resting to conserve energy to help beat the heat.
© 2015

Wild Australia: Desert of the Red Kangaroo
Their kingdom is the desert: in the heart of Australia lives the largest marsupial on earth, the red kangaroo. We see babies living in their mother’s pouches for months. Our cameras capture footage from within the pouch to show how comfortable—or not—life “on the inside” can be.
© 2015

Wild Australia: Jurassic Jungle
The most concealed area remains perhaps the most mysterious on the continent: the tropical rain forest in the northeast of the country is home to kangaroos that climb in the trees.
© 2015

Wild Australia: Koala Forest
The eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia are famous as home to cuddly-looking koalas. However, when mating season comes around it turns out they are not as cuddly as they first appear!
© 2015

Kingdom of the North: Where Eagles Soar
Journey from the secret world of Canada's wettest and most biologically diverse landscape, the temperate coastal rainforest, up to the rugged snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains.
© 2015

Kingdom of the North: Journey to the Edge
The Canadian Arctic is a world of extremes and presents harsh conditions for life. Nevertheless, this northern polar region of our planet is inhabited by wildlife and people who have found an amazing variety of ways to survive.
© 2015

Kingdom of the North: The Thundering Herd
From the prairies to Canada's vast boreal forest that stretches almost from coast to coast, we reveal a huge wilderness of extremes that has been shaped over millennia by both humans and wildfires.
© 2015

Kingdom of the North: Return of the Giants
Go on an extraordinary journey, from the spectacle of humpback whales feeding on capelin off Newfoundland to the world's largest intact temperate rainforest in British Columbia that is home to the rare 'white' black bear.
© 2015