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DVDs:History:Alaska State Troopers Season Four DVD-R Set
As seen on the National Geographic Channel.
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Alaska State Troopers Season Four DVD-R Set

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Responding by land, air, and sea—with backup sometimes days away—these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska. Whether it’s overturned snow machines in 22-degree weather, violent chainsaw crimes, volatile fishermen zigzagging down waterways, thieves stealing essential village items, moose-hunting checks, gunman confrontations in the wilderness, or intoxicated gold miners blocking roads—being prepared for anything is just part of the job.

Episodes include Extreme Justice, Knife Fight, Alaska Chainsaw Massacre, Shotgun Showdown, Armed and Bootlegging, Bloody Warrior, Campground Crazies, Grizzly-pendence Day, Hostage Standoff.

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  • 5 discs; 585 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2012

Title List

Extreme Justice
Get the adrenaline flowing with this special episode that includes arrests in remote villages; helicopter rescues on frigid, 22-degree mountaintops; and dangerous suspect chase-downs in south central Alaska.

Knife Fight
Snowflakes fall as Trooper Howie Peterson responds to a search and rescue call in the Kenai Peninsula: a snow-machine accident where the victim may be dead or alive.

Alaska Chainsaw Massacre
Winter has seized Alaska, and Trooper Timothy Cronin gets a chilling call sounding like a domestic violence situation involving a chainsaw.

Shotgun Showdown
This episode starts with a bang as the troopers respond to a call about gunshots and screams.

Armed and Bootlegging
It’s a criminal homebrew operation and Trooper Tim Smith is tackling it head-on. He’s new to the remote post 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle and he must head into one of the most dangerous villages in the area—a “dry” village where illegal manufacturing of alcohol has gotten out of control and law enforcement has been run out of town.

Bloody Warrior
It sounds like a tale out of a horror movie when troopers Aaron Mobley and Bill Connors set out to find a man who assaulted someone with a machete, leaving the victim bloodied and with a broken jaw. But after they make the arrest, the drama is far from over.

Campground Crazies
In Alaska's Mat-Su Valley, Trooper Joseph Hess is called in to investigate an alarming discovery: campers have found remains that appear to be human toes and hands. Hess must use knowledge from the academy to decide if these are the real deal, or misidentified animal parts. Across the state in Juneau, troopers Jake Abbott and Aaron Frenzel head out on boat patrol to Prince Cove, a popular spot for king salmon.

Grizzly-pendence Day
Trooper Gabe Rich is called to a residence where renters are armed and have fired shots on anyone trying to enter their house. Will Rich find himself in the middle of a firefight in this hostile situation? Meanwhile, in Soldotna, suspects caught speeding ditch their car and take off on foot, leaving trooper Jim Buttrey to risk being outnumbered in a heavily wooded area. And finally, across the state, trooper George Kammer is in the middle of sorting out a domestic violence case.

Hostage Standoff
Ride along with Alaska State Troopers on some of the most dangerous calls yet—life and death hang in the balance when an armed, belligerent man turns his loaded gun on his pregnant girlfriend, a search and rescue mission unfolds in the forest, and road rage turns potentially fatal when a gun is involved.

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AST Box Set


Now the presentation by National Geographic at Season 4 gets worse. No listing of the episodes on the box plus no listing on any of the 5 discs. Episode Shotgun Showdown is missing.

North to Alaska

San Diego CA


Great if DVD's didn't skip


I enjoy the show and would buy it again. I wish the DVD's didn't skip but they don't skip too bad. I can't wait for season 5.


Green Bay,WI


Alaska State Troopers Season Four DVD-R Set

2.5 2