Mega Biology Set - 25 Piece Slide Set

Mega Biology Set - 25 Piece Slide Set

Mega Biology Set - 25 Piece Slide Set


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Explore and experience genuine biology specimens with National Geographic! This STEM kit provides 25 prepared microscope slides, including: Muscles and Nerves, Skin and Tissue, Plant Parts, Mold and Algae, and Nutrient Processing Systems! Each deluxe optical glass slide is organized and labeled in a durable wooden storage box as you follow along the detailed information guide which outlines each genuine biology specimen! These prepared slides provide a fun learning activity that will spark interest in biology and science. 25 PREPARED MICROSCOPE SLIDES - Get excited about biology with National Geographic's samples taken from plants, insects and animals including specimens of mold, algae, muscles, nerves, sweat glands, stomach walls, intestines, kidneys and more! DETAILED INFORMATION GUIDE - Dive into the science of biology with our full-color learning guide complete with images and information on each of the samples found in the kit. DELUXE OPTICAL GLASS SLIDES - Feel like a professional with these prepared high-quality glass slides which have been preserved to prevent contamination and will allow you to revisit the amazing close-up views again and again. DURABLE AND ORGANIZED - Our cedar wood storage box comes with interior labels for easy organization and safe storage of each specimen. RESPECTED QUALITY - This kit comes with National Geographic's 100% satisfaction guarantee!