Bongo the Gibbon Heirloom-Quality Dangling Plush from Steiff

Bongo the Gibbon Heirloom-Quality Dangling Plush from Steiff

Bongo the Gibbon Heirloom-Quality Dangling Plush from Steiff



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This soft and cuddly Bongo the Gibbon dangling plush comes from the renowned German plush manufacturer Steiff. Produced using the finest materials, this heirloom-quality plush makes a great gift for kids, adults, and collectors alike, and will be cherished for generations. Bongo is made of plush fabric with blond tips. His face and chin are dark brown, and his inner ears and sides of his face stand out for their light brown tone. A dark brown plush fabric with long strands adds some fun to the head. His soles are beige, and his belly, the backs of his hands and the top of his feet are cream-colored. A black airbrush was used to create the nostrils, mouth and eyes to them stand out. This plush stands a full 18 inches tall.

About Gibbons
Part of Steiff's National Geographic collection, this plush is based on the gibbon, which lives in the Asian rain forests in families that usually include two to three children. When swinging from tree to tree, gibbons can clear a distance up to twelve meters in one jump. The gibbon is on the Red List of Threatened Species, and is at risk of extinction due the destruction of their habitat, poaching, and illegal trade.

About Steiff
Founded in 1880 by the seamstress Margarete Steiff, Steiff is the company that invented the teddy bear in 1902. Steiff has been making plush toys and collectibles that have set the world standard for quality for more than 135 years. Steiff animals are made from mohair, alpaca, cashmere, 100 percent cotton velvet, 100 percent wool felt, and valuable woven plush -- a material usually reserved for the high fashion industry. Steiff products are often considered family heirlooms and are passed from generation to generation.