Really Wild Animals Collection 4-DVD Set

Really Wild Animals Collection 4-DVD Set

Really Wild Animals Collection 4-DVD Set



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In these fun DVDs and videos, an animated globe named Spin™ whisks kids around the world, teaching them about animals and their habitats via original music videos, amazing images, and more. Award-winning wildlife cinematography and magical music videos tell the stories that surround regions of the world and the animals that inhabit them.
Collection includes: Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features, Awesome Animal Builders, Farmyard Friends, and Far Out Families.
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  • 4 discs; 184 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • TV-G
  • © 2005
Title List

Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features

Travel back to the days of raging raptors and the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Plus, see some of the world's creepiest creatures, such as spiders, ants, dung beetles, and more.
40 minutes. © 2005

Awesome Animal Builders
There's no place like home, especially one you build yourself! Come see the construction sites where beavers, bears, and birds build their amazing animal abodes using their own ''built-in'' tools.
40 minutes. © 2005

Farmyard Friends

This farmyard safari proves that tame animals have really rowdy relatives in the wild. A farmyard family reunion includes everything from horses and cows to warthogs and zebras!
45 minutes. © 2005

Far Out Families
Kids will journey around the world to discover how incredible animal families look to one another for survival.
© 2005