National Geographic Automatic Telescope

National Geographic Automatic Telescope

National Geographic Automatic Telescope


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Our powerful automatic telescope helps novice astronomers make exciting observations in the night sky above their own backyards. Use the handheld navigation and integrated computerized controls to find Jupiter or to spot constellations in distant nebula. Perfect for curious beginners with no astronomical experience, this scope includes:

  • Comprehensive astronomical software (Windows only) on an easy-to-use CD helps you know where to look for constellations and stars and includes an easy to use Planisphere.
  • Computerized 70mm x 350mm reflector lets you observe large planets and bright "deep sky" objects under dark sky conditions.
  • Powerful 17.5-35X magnification.
  • Compass to pinpoint celestial objects
  • Two high quality Kelner eyepieces (10mm and 20mm) and a moon filter.
  • Sturdy tripod for steady viewing/telescope may be used without tripod on a sturdy flat surface.

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36"W x 55"H x 36"D. 22lbs. 6 AA batteries, not included. Phillips screwdriver required for easy assembly.