Eagle Creek All Purpose Duffel 60L

Eagle Creek All Purpose Duffel 60L

Eagle Creek All Purpose Duffel 60L



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Versatile, durable and weather resistant, this duffel is truly meant to go to the most remote regions of the planet. Push your limits further with this pack designed to adapt to your needs with extra clip-ons and a place for everything.

  • Ultra-durable weatherproof fabric features the ability to completely wipe down both the inside and outside of your All Purpose Duffel 60L
  • Easily compartmentalize and access essentials through the innovative split frame opening which reveals two large packing sections
  • See-through mesh material on packing compartment allow for fast identification of items, which means less time spent rifling through luggage
  • Lockable zippers are treated to resist water and dirt in order to protect the items packed inside the duffel
  • Self-repairing zippers permit you to pack more without the worry of overstuffing the bag
  • Moisture-wicking pack straps keep you comfortable on long trips and hot days by keeping sweat off the body
  • Bouldering clips secure pack straps and the weight of other add-ons with their heavy-weight carrying capabilities
  • Multiple grab handles and compression straps, external elasticized pockets and stability elastic chorded pockets allow for extra gear attachment
  • Safety features include an emergency whistle and reflective materials for visibility in dim lighting
  • Handle wrap secures pack straps together for an effortless singular grab handle
  • PVC coatings are not used on this product