Don't Read This Book Before Bed

Don't Read This Book Before Bed

Don't Read This Book Before Bed


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Love to tell scary stories around the camp fire? Like to solve mysteries? Brave enough to hear the truth about some pretty freaky phenomena? Then cuddle up with this spooky spine-tingler, filled with delightfully frightful true stories of real-life monsters, doomed domains, menacing mysteries, strange disappearances, and so much more.
Meet ghosts, ghouls, and zombies. Go inside haunted houses, hidden graveyards, and deadly secret passages. The Fright-o-meter rates each story for its level of scariness. Full of thrills and chills, this book will have you sleeping with a nightlight for sure. Read if you dare, but don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Ages 10 and up
  • Softcover
  • 144 pages
  • 7 7/8" x 10 7/8"
  • © 2017
  • Author Bio

    Anna Claybourne is the author of numerous books on the natural world for young readers, including the popular 100 series (100 Scariest Things on the Planet,A 100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet,A 100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet, etc.), the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Planet Earth,A Cheetah: Natural World Series, The Survival Skills Handbook, and many more. Claybourne started her career as a trainee staff writer and later became a self-employed freelance writer and editor. She writes on almost any subject but specializes in science and nature, and has written many children's books on wild animals (especially predators), volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.