A Friend for Lakota

A Friend for Lakota

A Friend for Lakota


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The sweet tale of Lakota, the shy wolf pup, is sure to touch the heart of any animal lover. Readers will marvel at Lakota's strength growing up as the lowest-ranking and frequently picked-on member of a wolf pack until he finally finds that supportive and nurturing friend he's always wanted. The book also introduces young readers to the need for conservation awareness: through Lakota's life story, readers will come to understand the many challenges faced by wolves in the wild today.

  • Ages 4-8
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages; 30 color illustrations
  • 9 7/8" x 9 7/8"
  • © 2015
Author Bio

Jim & Jamie Dutcher lived in a tented camp in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains among a pack of wolves, observing and documenting rarely seen social behavior. Their time spent living with the Sawtooth Pack led to three documentary films, three Emmy Awards, and the founding of a ground-breaking organization, Living wth Wolves. The Hidden Life of Wolves was published by National Geographic in 2013.