Roosevelt Floor Globe

Roosevelt Floor Globe

Roosevelt Floor Globe


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Dream of new places and reminisce about past travels with our handsome chair-side globe. More than 4,000 place names are detailed on updated National Geographic cartography in an earth-toned color palette. Made by Replogle, U.S.-based globe makers since 1930. Cherry-finished wood and a metal die-cast meridian.
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12"-diam. globe. 18"W x 18"D x 35"H.

About Our Globes

National Geographic is proud to partner with U.S. manufacturer Replogle to create globes for home, office, and classroom. Each globe -- floor-standing, desktop, or illuminated -- has more than 4,000 place names, printed on durable press-craft, plastic-impregnated paper.

Started in the founder's basement more than 80 years ago at the height of the Depression, Replogle has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of fine globes. National Geographic's award-winning cartography group was founded in 1915 and has helped shape our vision of the world through the art and science of mapmaking.

Each handsome globe comes with a certificate of authenticity.