Hunt for the Shadow Cat DVD-R

Hunt for the Shadow Cat DVD-R

Hunt for the Shadow Cat DVD-R


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To reveal the secrets of the most mysterious of all big cats, a crack team of conservationists hire one of the U.S.'s finest trackers, Boone Smith, to locate, capture and film wild jaguars using all means necessary. Jaguars are notoriously elusive, and consequently the least studied of all big cats. Chance sightings and occasional captures have helped explain some aspects of jaguars' lives, but mostly they operate beyond the reach of scientists. Boone's mission clashes his experience in the wilderness of the Rockies with the hazards of Belize's jungles and Brazil's swamps. He needs to learn quickly from local experts and draw deeply on his own expertise to achieve their goal: to reveal startling new insights into the hidden lives of these magnificent creatures.
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  • 1 disc; 45 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2011
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