Jasper Refill Kit

Jasper Refill Kit

Jasper Refill Kit


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Stock Up with National Geographic's Raw Jasper Refill Kit. This Gemstone Refill Kit Includes: 8 types of raw jasper (1 lb in total), 4 courses of polishing grit, 6 jewelry fastenings, 1 learning guide, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. GEMSTONES OF NINE VARIETIES: Red jasper, Dalmatian jasper, Mookaite jasper, Kabamba jasper, Zebra jasper, Picture jasper, Polychrome jasper, Yellow jasper. (1lb in total). FOUR GRADES OF GRIT: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Polish. Transform your stones from rough rocks to dazzling gemstones! JEWELRY FASTENINGS: 2 Necklaces, 2 Earrings, 1 Keychain, 1 Ring. Create custom jewelry from your newly polished gemstones! LEARNING GUIDE: Our learning guide will teach you all about these unique gemstone specimens and includes many amazing and fascinating facts.