American Chainsaw, Season One DVD-R

American Chainsaw, Season One DVD-R

American Chainsaw, Season One DVD-R


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Whether creating for royalty, celebs, hotels, or lucky fans, The Machine Jesse Green has just one humble goal: to bring his self-proclaimed "eco art" to the whole world. It's a family affair for Jesse -- a former truck driver, occasional hard-rock front man, and one of the world's premiere chainsaw sculptors -- as he and the rest of his quirky crew carve masterpieces out of wood at his New England-based studio. Together they must overcome challenging projects, difficult clients, and dangerous materials to create works of art that push the boundaries of creativity.
Episodes include Salem Witch Project, Derby Disaster, Animal Attraction, Clients from Hell, Bat Man, Bad Business, Getting Squirrelly, and Clown Town.
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Title List

Salem Witch Project
Jesse gets a call from witch Lori Bruno to make a dragon for a witch shop in Salem.

Derby Disaster
Business is booming and a new job for the Boston Derby Dames pushes Jesse's patience to its limit.

Animal Attraction
"The Machine" Jesse Green is excited to see his old buddy Greg who wants Jesse to create an animal sculpture for the front of the Tufts for Tech Veterinary Clinic at Worcester Technical High School.

Clients From Hell
Jesse is commissioned to produce a saxophone sculpture for Joe and Dawn Lacerda, owners of The Manchester Music Mill, but he has a bad feeling about the project and asks Beth if they can reconsider.

Bat Man
After already agreeing to repaint one of his old sculptures for his parents' mailman, Jesse is contacted by the Plainville Athletic League to tackle his tallest and most dangerous sculpture yet, a giant baseball bat.

Bad Business
Beth has scheduled Jesse to carve a bear, but when a famous rock star, Chadwick Stokes, calls with an exciting new project he drops everything to go meet with his musical idol.

Getting Squirrelly
Paul and Nancy Saulnier, a local Holliston couple, love squirrels and they want Jesse to turn a 9-foot tall stump in their back yard into a giant squirrel.

Clown Town
The Big Apple Circus wants Jesse to create a chainsaw sculpture of their star performer, Grandma the clown.