Polar Explorations Course on DVD

Polar Explorations Course on DVD

Polar Explorations Course on DVD


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Travel to the polar regions on an exquisite visual journey guided by five Arctic and Antarctic experts who reveal the science, culture, and history of these majestic and ever-evolving ecosystems.
Polar Explorations, a one-of-a-kind educational journey, provides you a 360-degree view of the Arctic and Antarctica in 22 visually stunning lectures. A travelogue, science class, and history lesson rolled into one comprehensive course, Polar Explorations gives the context necessary to fully appreciate the splendor of the poles, including insights into their geology, astronomy, zoology, oceanography, history, culture, and photographing unique subjects.
Whether you've always dreamed of an expedition to these incredible ice-bound worlds or you're simply curious about the wonders they hold, this course transports you to some of the most intriguing and alien places on the planet. Through powerful, rare images and extensive video, these lectures offer you a captivating, in-depth look at what makes these places so exceptional. This spectacular footage, shot on location during voyages with National Geographic Expeditions -- the travel program of the National Geographic Society -- provides you with an immersive experience unmatched by anything short of actually journeying to the ends of the Earth.
Not only does this unforgettable educational journey feature spectacular National Geographic footage, but also it presents a multidisciplinary team of renowned instructors who share their expert insights on these ever-changing places:

  • Pulitzer-Prize nominated journalist and National Geographic magazine contributing writer Fen Montaigne
  • Edward Murphy, Associate Professor of Astronomy at the University of Virginia
  • Michael Wysession, Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Ralph Lee Hopkins, founder and director of the onboard photography program for the National Geographic-Lindblad Expeditions fleet
  • Marine conservationist Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

  • 4 discs; 11 hours
  • © 2015
Title List

22 lectures/30 minutes per lecture

  1. A Passion for the Poles
  2. Seasons at the Poles
  3. Connections between the Poles
  4. The Saga of Arctic Exploration
  5. The Icy Heart of Polar Seas
  6. Geology of the Arctic Circle
  7. Science and Spirits of the Arctic Sky
  8. Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic
  9. Greenland and Arctic Islands
  10. Terrestrial Mammals in the Changing Arctic
  11. Seabirds of the Arctic and Antarctic
  12. Marine Mammals, from Whales to Walruses
  13. The Race for the South Pole
  14. Geological Features of Antarctica
  15. Antarctica's Window on the Universe
  16. Diving under Polar Ice
  17. Resource Development in Polar Seas
  18. South Georgia and Macquarie
  19. Living Among the Penguins
  20. Antarctica: A Continent for Science
  21. Basics of Polar Photography
  22. Photographing Polar Landscapes