National Geographic Traveler: Cuba, 5th Edition

National Geographic Traveler: Cuba, 5th Edition

National Geographic Traveler: Cuba, 5th Edition


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The National Geographic Traveler guidebooks are in tune with the growing trend toward experiential travel. Each book provides inspiring photography, insider tips, and expert advice for a more authentic, enriching experience of the destination. These books serve a readership of active, discerning travelers, and supply information, historical context, and cultural interpretation not available online.

Visitors to Cuba discover a sensual, sometimes surreal island country that embodies everything that is good about the Caribbean and Latin America. The guide's maps and useful information allows the traveler to experience many of the colonial legacies that evoke the 1950s such as Cuban baseball and rum and cigar making. Travel advice and information has been updated in this edition, written by Christopher P. Baker, an expert on Central and South America. It covers all of the main cities and regions of Cuba and helps the visitor discover this Caribbean island's best-kept secrets. It explores the lively capital city, Havana, in all of its color and charm as well as the fascination of Trinidad, Remedios, and other colonial cities. Visitors will discover that even the rural landscapes have a timeless beauty and that the beaches and coral reefs are simply breathtaking.

Author(s): Christopher P. Baker, with photos by Pablo Corral Vega


130 color photographs, 20 maps

272 Pages

5" x 8"