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As host of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is poised to welcome thousands of visitors in the coming years. The world is open for travel and people are looking for new ways to experience a destination. The acclaimedA National Geographic TravelerA series offers just that. Each guide presents the place in full, beginning with an overview to help develop a game plan. Popular features include insider tips from National Geographic experts; not-to-be-missed lists; experiential sidebars; sections on contemporary life, history, and culture; special excursions; handy maps; and a hefty Travelwise selection with handpicked hotels and restaurants. This beautiful guide makes Brazil accessible to every traveler.
National Geographic delivers what active travelers want in a guidebook: expert advice, insider tips, and the cultural feel of each destination not easily found online. These guides are pitch-perfect for today's experiential travel enthusiasts who want an authentic, enriching immersion.

  • Softcover
  • 320 pages; 125 color photographs
  • 5 1/4" x 8 7/16"
  • © 2014
About the Author

Bill Hinchberger lived in Brazil for more than two decades. He worked as a correspondent for Financial Times, Business Week, ARTnews, Advertising Age, Variety, and other publications, and served four years as president of the São Paulo Foreign Press Club. His work has also appeared in numerous publications, and he has contributed to several books.

Michael Sommers has lived and worked in Brazil as a journalist for nearly 15 years, in the country's original capital of Salvador, Bahia. As a writer and photographer, he has contributed travel articles to theA New York Times, The Globe and Mail,A and the International Herald Tribune. He is the author of the guidebooksA Moon BrazilA andA Moon Rio.