The Call of Everest

The Call of Everest

The Call of Everest


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50 years after the historical 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition, National Geographic is publishing the ultimate illustrated volume on Everest, featuring legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker's anniversary ascent on the mountain and filled with stories and photographs chosen to capture the danger, the intrigue, the legacy, and the prevailing power of this mountain in the world's imagination.
Geography, geology, history, and culture weave together in an eloquent narrative that stands as a foundation for many contributions, both archival and contemporary, representing the varied facets of the mountain and its meaning. From its geological formation to the sherpas of Nepal, who have lived on its slopes so long its demands have influenced their genetics; from the challenges Everest presents for the most seasoned of climbers to the commercialization of treks and controversies surrounding them; and including the future of this mountain, already showing the impact of global warming in shrinking glaciers, depleted watersheds, and changing weather patterns -- the story is epic, global in interest, and ever-changing, even though the mountain stands eternal above us all.
Archival maps and photographs plus the best images National Geographic photographers have taken of Everest combine with authoritative text to make this a book worthy of the mountain itself; the latest geographical knowledge is compiled on a new map, never before published. Central to the book is world-renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker, who has climbed Everest at least four times and leads the legacy expedition.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages; 180 color photographs, 20 maps
  • 9 1/8" x 11 29/32"
  • © 2013
Author Info

Conrad Anker is famous for succeeding at death-defying ascents in the Himalaya and Antarctica. In 1999 he discovered George Mallory's body, the legendary British climber who disappeared on Everest.

Bernadette McDonald is a prizewinning Canadian writer who has authored or contributed to eight books including National Geographic's Voices from the Summit and Extreme Landscape.

Mark Jenkins writes about remote expeditions for National Geographic, Outside, Men's Health, Playboy, and many other magazines. His dispatches from Everest on the legacy climb are part of this book's narrative.