Four Seasons of Travel

Four Seasons of Travel

Four Seasons of Travel



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Four Seasons of TravelA brings to life hundreds of the world's most alluring locations and activities -- and tells you exactly when and how to best experience them.
Spanning the globe with 100 top places to go each season, National Geographic's expert travel writers and photographers invite you to experience the world's most tempting locales with this lush gift book. Covering festivals, foliage displays, harvests, summer and winter sports and activities, markets, traditional celebrations, and more, this lavish, beautifully photographed book is both inspiring and useful. Dozens of fun, themed "Best of the World" lists (ten best places to go whale watching in summer or warm up with hot drinks in winter, for example), as well as in-depth site descriptions, locator maps, illuminating sidebars, and tons of insider tips will inspire you to plan your next getaway during a destination's showcase period. Be inspired to spend Christmas in New York, complete with ice-skating at Rockefeller Center and seeing Radio City Music Hall's famous holiday show; springtime in Kyoto, when cherry blossoms create clouds of pink around ancient temples; summer in Nova Scotia, when biking from lighthouse to lighthouse along the rugged coastline is sublime; or fall in Tanzania, during the migration season of millions of birds and mammals.
Divided into chapters by season, each site is portrayed through authentic experiences recommended by locals and resident experts and is showcased with stunning photography, evocative text, and detailed visitor information. Eclectic sidebars highlight intriguing ancillary information, entertaining snippets on the local culture, history, don't-miss experiences, great places to stay and food to eat, as well as other sights to see. This gorgeous book is rounded out with a series of "top ten" lists in a wide variety of themed categories, including Harvest Festivals, Extreme Winter Adventures, and Best Places to Get Summer Ice Cream.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages; 285 color photographs; 1 map
  • 9 1/8" x 11 7/8"
  • © 2013